Happy Halloween!

Yeah, it’s here!  One of my most favorite days of the year.  And I’ve got something cute and something creepy to share with you all on this Halloween day.

Here’s my little cutie this morning on her way to school.  She sure brings a smile to this ‘ol momma, I can tell ya that.  She’s just as cute as can be.

And now……are you ready for something a little creepy?  A little Halloween spooky?  Well check out what’s happening two doors down from me this morning.

Do you see all those black dots in the tree?  Know what they are?

Can you tell yet?

How about now?

They are everywhere……on the rooftops…….in the trees….circling in the sky.  About 30 of them……just waiting.
They’re vultures.  Uuggghhhh. How creepy is that?  Perfectly, Halloweenly creepy indeed.  I don’t even want to know what’s going on behind my neighbor’s house.  Yuck.

After all the anticipation, it’s still hard to believe the long awaited day is finally here.  Even with the wait I’m not quite completely ready, but at least there’s still a few hours left for that final push.  Yet on the to-do list is to buy candy (helpful) and fix Peter’s ninja hooded thing for his costume.  Guess the old, left-over ninja hood is not “realistic” enough with it’s bits of yellow fabric on it.  Of course that costume was meant for a little kid who might not care that “real” ninjas only wear black.  Nope…..not going to cut it now, though.  So, I’ve already cut off the yellow pieces and need to find something black to put in it’s place.  I’m not much of a seamstress, so wish me luck.

On the other hand, we have scratched several items off the list.   Got the pumpkin carved.

Nik decided to get a white pumpkin this year for the very first time.  It’s something a little different from her usual quest for the perfect orange, round one.

She also had a wonderful time splattering paint all over her shirt for her artist’s costume.  I cannot wait to see the kiddos all dressed up.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!