The31 Days of October- Day 27

Hi everyone!  Although there’s only a few days left until Halloween, it seems that it’s not too late to decorate and get ready.  As a matter of fact, something spooky happened to the outside of my house yesterday afternoon.  Appears that several spiders attacked the house and yard while I was busy crafting away, happily oblivious in my scrap room.  Now I will warn you………these spiders are big.  Here’s one now.

5_8_08 263

Yuck, huh?  Look at all the mess they made.

5_8_08 259

5_8_08 260

5_8_08 261

Amazing how much damage those spiders could do in such a short time.  Here’s another of them now.


5_8_08 251

5_8_08 252

5_8_08 254

You know, for a bug, she is pretty cute.  I decided she could stay awhile. 😉  Spook up the yard for Halloween.  The spiders did get into the house just a bit, too, but that’s okay.

5_8_08 257Thanks for stopping by everyone!


The 31 Days of October- Day 14

Here we are, already at the half-way mark of my 31 days of October.  Where, oh where, does the time go?  For today’s Halloween post, I thought I would share a few more of my spooky decorations.  For some of you who have been visiting my blog for awhile, you might remember these beaded sticks I made with Nik and my mom last year.  They were fashioned after some similar branches we saw at Pottery Barn that Mom and I thought we could make ourselves for much less money.  But after spending hours picking apart beads and trying to get them to stick to the branches, I do believe it would have been much easier to just have bought the Pottery Barn versions and been done with it.  Gluing those beads drove me dern near crazy. 🙂

5_8_08 043

5_8_08 044

I did, however, break down and purchase the adorable Pottery Barn spiders for the branches.

5_8_08 014

For anyone who wants to try this at home, I really don’t recommend it. 😉  But if you are going to anyway, here’s what I did.  It truly is simple in theory…..spray paint some sticks black and then apply white glue with a sponge brush and sprinkle beads over the glued areas.  Thicker branches obviously work better than thin, as there is more surface area for the beads to cling to.  Here’s what the branches look like up close.

5_8_08 041

5_8_08 042

Then I have this spooky guy hanging out with the spiders.

5_8_08 035

Looks like me first thing in the morning!

Hope I’ve given you some crafty ideas to NOT try this Halloween season!  Trust me…’ll thank me for it!

Have a great day everyone!

The 31 Days of October- Day 3

The weather in October is just so beautiful, isn’t it?  I’ve been outside for most of the day, soaking up all the sunshine I can get.  Nik and I took a blanket outside and have been lounging and reading and snoozing whenever the mood strikes.  LOVE the weekends!

But now the sun is starting to go down, and it’s time to get on with day 3 of my 31 days of October!  Today I want to share a craft project that Nik and I made together.  If you’re looking for something to do with your kiddos, you may want to give this a try.  We started this back in August.  Maybe you all might remember these photos from then.

5_8_08 439

5_8_08 442

And here are our finished masterpieces today.  Spiderwebs!

5_8_08 600

5_8_08 603

5_8_08 604

5_8_08 605

The base of these spiderwebs are recycled kraft handled shopping bags.  Cut the bags apart so that you have one large, flat piece, and using a 12″ ruler, draw straight lines out from a center point,  like the spokes of a wheel.  Then free-hand the webbed lines between each spoke.  You can see some detail of the pattern in the first photos.  Once your pattern is in place, glue yarn to each section of the web with white glue.  I then stitched a zig-zag line over the webbed lines, but it looks cute without, too.

5_8_08 607

The spiders were cut with a silhouette.  I added orange gemstone eyes, a wavy spider’s thread, and a layered bow.  A few spooky words, and our webs were finished.

Save the original handles from the shopping bag and adhere one to the back for an instant hanger.

This project was so much fun, and fairly easy to make.  I love that Nik and I have a matching set.  And I love that each one is just a wee bit different, just like us.  You can adapt the size of these, too, to make one as big or as little as you wish.

I hope you try these fun webs at your house.  I would love to hear if you do!  Thanks for stopping by!

The 31 Days of October- Day 2

So for fun today, I went over to my friend, Kathy’s, and helped her decorate her house for Halloween.  I have never done something like that before, and it was a blast.  We fancied up her front entry table, her dining room, her mantle, and her living room console table.  And of course I took a bunch of pictures.  So for day 2 of my 31 days of Halloween, here is Kathy’s house in it’s Halloween glory!

5_8_08 609

This is her dining room table that we dressed up with a trio of white ceramic pumpkins, some glass, a couple of leaf plates, a gorgeous velvet table cloth, and brass candlesticks.  And of course there are a few spiders hanging around.

5_8_08 614

Those spiders sure do leave a big mess with their webs! Would you look at this?

5_8_08 610

5_8_08 612

5_8_08 608

I think poor Kathy needs to get the duster out! 😉

Here is her front entryway.

5_8_08 613

She made the cute “spooky” banner from her scrappy supplies.

And finally, here is her console table.  It ended up looking very Edgar Allen Poe-ish.

5_8_08 615

5_8_08 617

5_8_08 616

What fun this was for me to be a part of today.  Kathy had so many great pieces to work with.  I loved seeing all these settings come to life.  Hope she invites me back again next year.  And Kathy, now that I’m gone………put your things where ever you want! 😉

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  Have a spooktacular day!

It’s Finally Done!

To those of you following the saga of our latest little craft project here at the Pettit house, I can actually say that it’s finished, it’s over, it’s finally done!  I was beginning to have some serious doubts about that….

It took so much longer than I was expecting.  And,  we had a big set-back on Thursday that kind of soured me to the whole experience.  Mom could see that my patience with the project was pretty well shot, but she’s one determined lady who pushed me to see that it got all the way done.  You all can probably appreciate the horror of our “crafting accident” story.  After spending hours picking beads off an old belt, and even more hours gluing them to some sticks, you can imagine our reaction when one of the sticks fell from it’s drying “rack” we rigged up in the garage…..  It was like a slow-motion scene in a scary movie where you just cannot move……we heard a noise, we looked up, we saw it start to slip, we saw it come crashing down, we saw it bounce against the garage floor, and bounce again, and again….beads flying off in all directions, tips to branches snapping off and hurling themselves into space…   sigh.

Then the worst part ever is that Mom insisted we pick up every single bead in that garage and put it back in the bowl…. and glue it back on.  Must have been at least 200 tiny seed beads.  At least.  I absolutely drew the line at trying to re-glue the broken off branches.  Didn’t care at that point if I ever saw those darn branches again in my life.  But, we persevered and the branches are now set up in the house like we had hoped.  Here are a few more photos.

Once we got the sticks propped into a hurricane jar and held in place with some rocks, we were finally able to bring out the ornaments I found at Pottery Barn that inspired the whole project in the first place.

Love, love, love these little black spiders hanging from their chain webs.  Can you believe we did all this work just so we could hang these spiders on some black sticks like they did at Pottery Barn??  We must be crazy people!  (Do not say a word, Uncle Paul)!

Here is our Halloween project in it’s final home.

I’m pretty relieved that it’s over.  I’m still glad we tackled this, as it gave Nik lots of joy to work on it with us.  And we certainly will have lots of memories from it all.  I’m getting to the point where I can almost laugh about the garage incident.  But I still might suggest to all of you out there that you just buy the sticks at Pottery Barn and be done with it.

In other news, I’m really looking forward to this afternoon.  Today, our little kit club, the Paper-Playground, is holding our second annual ScrapPink Crop for the Cure.   Why ScrapPink?
Every 12 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer. We are helping to raise money for breast cancer awareness by scrapbooking! Every penny of a $10 donation will support the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s mission to find a cure for breast cancer through research, education, screening and treatment.
For further information on this worthy cause, go to What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday?  If any of you are in the Raleigh, NC area and would like to join us, we would love to have you. Visit our website for more information and directions.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!