All Bottled Up with Tim Holtz & Sizzix

Happy Monday, crafty friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and the sun is shining on you on this bright and beautiful summer day. It is a scorcher here in the heart of North Carolina. Too hot to spend time outdoors, and way too hot for the poor flowers to bloom. But that’s okay, because I have some flowers to share today anyway.

This sweet pillow is a project that I made way back for the Tim Holtz Sizzix 2020 Chapter 1 release, and features one of the Bigz dies from that collection called Bottled Up. Of course since Bottled Up is a Bigz die, it is perfect for cutting heavier and thicker materials, like the wool felt I used here.

I love making small pillows and pillow tucks to add to my home decorating. They look great just tossed into a chair, or bundled together to fill a favorite basket or bowl arrangement. With Halloween quickly approaching, I’m thinking of all the potions and poison bottles I could make with this die. But for today, I paired it with another Sizzix Bigz die, Large Stems, to create a sweet floral pillow perfect for the spring and summer months.

I did some piecing of the flowers to get the two-toned colors, and left the flower heads free to add extra dimension. Hand-stitched French knots hold the stacked flowers in place. And I used a blanket stitch and outline stitch to add detail around the stems and bottles. A pair of buttons and Idea-ology metal Mini Plaquettes finish the design.

 Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead! Thanks so much for stopping by!

The supplies I’ve used are linked and/or listed below:

Sizzix - Tim Holtz - Bigz Die - Bottled UpSizzix - Tim Holtz - Alterations Collection - Bigz L Die - Large StemsRanger Ink - Tim Holtz - Distress Paint - Mini - Flip Cap - Tumbled Glass

Other: Wool, Felt, DMC Floss




I Stitched My Way Through April & May

Happy Monday, crafty friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
As some of you may already know, I took up cross stitching again at the beginning of the year after a 25-ish year break. Little did I realize at the time how helpful and therapeutic this hobby would become during the Covid-19 quarantine, but I am extra grateful that I started up again when I did.  I really do find that keeping my hands busy helps to soothe the mind.

One good thing that oftentimes comes out of a crisis is how people band together to uplift and support, and that has been particularly true in the stitching community during this pandemic. Many cross stitch designers have taken the time to design and offer free charts under a movement called #bewellandstitch. The point is twofold….. one is for folks to have something to stitch to keep spirits up, to keep up the belief that everything will be well. And the second is to support shop owners in the hope that people stitching these charts may contact them for fabric and floss supplies. It’s really a win-win all around.

I’ve downloaded many of these Be Well charts, and hope to stitch my way through them all. Most of them are smaller charts, which has been perfect to use up the last scraps of a coffee-tea dyed piece of Aida cloth that I had. I got three little pillow tucks made from those leftovers. Starting with this adorable bunny with his basket full of flowers. This adorable chart is by Lila’s Studio, and you can find the link for the free pdf chart here.

From there, I moved onto this sweet Chicken Love chart by Priscilla and Chelsea of Stitching with the Housewives. You can find their free chart here.

My third #bewellandstitch project is the Be Well freebie from Hewitt Hill Samplers. And you can find that chart here.

I’m guessing I’m about halfway to a full bowl of Be Well tucks. Can’t wait to start on more. How about you? Any cross stitching friends out there? If you are on Instagram, and are interested in learning more about the Be Well movement or would like to find more free charts, simply search the hashtag #bewellandstitch. You’ll find an endless source of inspiration.

Be Well, friends! And thanks so much for stopping by!

Fabric Friday- A Fairy House Pillow Tuck

I know many of my paper peeps out there can relate when I say that I have a pretty big stash of paper scraps that I have a hard time throwing away. And just like my mountain of paper scraps, I tend to collect, and keep, and hoard my fabric scraps, too. Because you just never know when that tiny sliver of fabric may come in handy!

You may remember this orange ticking print that I used recently on those shabby fabric carrots in my spring shop. After cutting all of those, I was left with quite a few scraps… too small for anything new, but too pretty to end up in the bin. So I challenged myself to find something to do with them…. and the other ten gazillion scraps I have lying around. And I came up with these. Sweet little fairy house pillow tucks.

I very much enjoy adding stitching to my projects, so I created a small fairy scene from a variety of bright and happy fabric prints, and embellished it with hand-embroidered details. The raw-edged applique gives that lovely frayed shabby look I love so well.

Of course, I barely made a dent in my mountain of fabric scraps, but I was pleased with some of the teensy details I was able to squeeze out of the tiniest of pieces. My clunky fingers could barely hold onto the center of those flowers, but I did it. So I’m calling that a win… even if I still have a ton of scraps to go!

I’ve added both of these pillow tucks to my shop page, and you can find them here if you’d like to take them home. Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you all a super fabulous weekend!




AudOnes Prims Nautical Summer Mini-Release

Hi Friends!
I am so happy today to share with you the release of my new nautical summer collection at AudOnes Prims! This is a very small release, available for one short week only before I put my shop on summer vacation. But I’m super excited to share it with you, and I hope that you will love it as much as I do!

Tomorrow is the first of June already, and like many of you, I’ve got summer on my mind. I am so ready to hit the beach, and soak up the sun. And that is what has inspired my latest collection. This mini release is filled with the cutest little sea creatures, made from the most adorable seaside fabric collection ever.

In honor of my reveal today, I decided to spruce up my front entryway in a beach theme to match. Great excuse for a little summer decorating to kick off the season, and a chance to get a peek at my new shop goodies, too.

As many of you already know, I have a small “thing” for transferware dishes, and love to collect them in all colors and patterns. I usually pair the blues with red for an Americana theme for summer, but this time I kept to a crisp blue and white palette for a more beach cottage kind of look, mixed in with lots of my favorite things.

As always, my decorating is an absolute mish-mash, but it’s this random assortment of life’s treasures that do bring the most joy. I’m really liking how the new prims fit right in. That whale is looking pretty happy to be here, don’t you think?

My new nautical collection consists of a couple of sea friends pillows and some cute critters, too. I’m sure you’ll be able to spot them all!

My new summer mini-release will be available in my shop at 10:00 a.m. EST this morning.
I do hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


In Like a Lamb

Hello Sweet Friends! Happy Wednesday, and happy first day of March!

We are expected to hit a high of 83 degrees today. I know I mentioned this the other day, but really, this is unseasonably warm weather for this time of year. I think that old phrase, March comes in like a lion, falls way short of the mark. Looks like March is coming in like a lamb, and probably will leave like one, too… or perhaps some even gentler animal, like a baby chick or a baby harp seal.

My poor winter snowmen have been quite out-of-place these past couple of weeks. We’ve been trying to hold on, waiting for winter to make an appearance, but I’ve finally given up. So my frosty friends are now making their way into storage, and a few shamrocks are coming out instead.

While I tend to go overboard for many of the holidays, I don’t do much for St. Patrick’s Day. When Easter is early, I usually skip it completely. But Easter is later this year, and that gives me an excuse to break out a few lucky charms.

As a hunter and gatherer, I have managed to collect enough “schtuff” over the years for a few small scenes. Anything with a bit of green will do. Vintage transferware dishes. An old trusty rusty watering can. A few precious Majolica plates. And of course some of my own funky junk handmade pieces. I gotta have a few of those.

Over time, I’ve managed to amass quite the collection of handmade bits. Clovers from paper bags. Clovers from foil. Water-colored clovers. Shabby hand-painted clovers from fabric. And of course, a pair of leprechaun monster dolls (made by my Missy Nik and me), too.

I think the older I get, the more I appreciate the sentimentality of homemade. So you know how that goes….

A little bit of decorating leads to a little bit of crafting, for more things with which to do a little more decorating!

My poor basket looked a little bare, so I figured a few more shamrocks were in order. Prim shabby shamrocks made from my latest crafty love, Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements fabric.

I used some adorable Ledger fabric from the Wallflower collection for the backing, creating a bit of messy patchwork from torn and stitched strips of fabric. I really love the worn collage look that brings. The shamrocks have been pieced from fabric hand-tinted with Distress Inks, and topped with my favorite twine and vintage pearl buttons.

I made a few for me, and there’s some for you, too, if you’re interested. Just listed in my AudOnes Prims Shop.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Sending warm breezes your way!


Pumpkin Parts Pillow Tucks with Sizzix- a Tutorial

Hello, Crafty Friends! Thanks so much for stopping by!

It’s still awfully hot outside, but I am in full-on fall crafting mode here at my house. Once school starts, it seems rather official…. summer is over, and fall has begun. Regardless of the temperatures outside. 😀

AudreyPettit Sizzix PumpkinPartsPillowTucks
As hard as it is to see summer come to an end, I always welcome the arrival of fall. My most favorite season of all. I love everything about the fall, from the holidays to the leaves and colors and crisp air. And pumpkins… ohmyword, how I love pumpkins.

AudreyPettit Sizzix PumpkinPartsPillowTucks3
Some of my happiest memories involve going to the pumpkin patch in my small rural town when I was a child. Yes, a real pumpkin patch, several acres wide, filled with pumpkins as far as the eye could see. Picking the right pumpkin was a serious process in my family. No hasty choices were allowed. You had to survey the field, narrow down the possibilities, and then make the final decision. My mom always wanted us to pick the oddballs, the weird, and the unusual. But me, I always wanted the perfect round orange beauty.

This weekend, I crafted up some sweet little pillow tucks, topped with the most perfect round orange pumpkin of them all. Such an easy process when you have a die to do all the work for you. I’ve got a quick tutorial to share with you, so let’s take a closer look.

AudreyPettit Sizzix PumpkinPartsPillowTucksTut11. Gather your supplies. You’ll need fabrics for the pillow backing, as well as the pumpkin, and the Pumpkin Parts Bigz die by Sizzix and Tim Holtz.

2. Die cut the pumpkin shape from orange and green fabrics. I used my favorite fabric from the Crossroads Denim collection by Indygo Junction. Since the Pumpkin Parts die is a Bigz steel-rule die, it cuts through heavier materials, like fabric, like a dream. Simply place your fabric pieces on top of the die, sandwich the die between two Standard Cutting Plates, and run the die through your die cutting machine.

3. Here are all the individual pieces from the die. The stem from green fabric, and the body and sections of the pumpkin from orange.

4. Assemble the individual pieces. I like to place a small amount of tacky glue on the back of the pieces to hold them in place.

AudreyPettit Sizzix PumpkinPartsPillowTucks Tut21. Fold the pillow backing fabric in half, with the right sides facing. Pin pillow pattern to the fabric. I created a simple rectangular pattern that was slightly larger than the size of the pumpkin from a piece of copy paper. Cut out the pattern.

2. Adhere or pin the pumpkin to the center of the front of the pillow backing. Blanket stitch around the edges of each section of the pumpkin.

3. Using the pillow pattern, cut two pieces of Therm O Web Stitch n’ Sew fleece. Put the pillow front and pillow back together, with right sides facing. Sandwich the pillow pieces between the two pieces of fleece, and pin together. Machine stitch around the edges of the pillow, leaving an opening ~ 2″ wide for turning.

4. Turn the pillows right side out. Add a button and a small piece of curly-q twine to the top of the pumpkin. (To get your twine to curl, dip a length of twine in tacky glue and then wrap it around a straw or skewer. Once the glue dries, the twine can easily be removed, yet retains its shape.) Stuff the pillows with poly-fill fiber, and whip stitch the openings closed.

AudreyPettit Sizzix PumpkinPartsPillowTucks2
Happy Monday, Friends!

P.S.-   my Fall Shop opens this Thursday, September 1st at 12:00 noon EST.
I’m sharing sneak peeks all week on my AudOnes Prims Facebook Page! Hope you’ll come join in on the fun!

The supplies I’ve used are linked and/or listed below:

Tim Holtz Sizzix Die PUMPKIN PARTS Bigz 660031*May Arts NATURAL Twine String BurlapStitchnSew Fleece Sew-In High Loft (White 45 in. d/f x 1 Yard pack) pictureSizzix - Big Shot Plus Machine - White and GraySizzix Big Shot Kick STANDARD CUTTING PADS 1 Pair 655093

Fabric for pumpkins: Crossroads Denim Collection by Indygo Junction
Floss: DMC
Other: Buttons, Burlap Fabric, Poly-fill Fiber Stuffing, Tacky Glue

AudOnes Prims Summer Shop- Now Open

Hello Sweeties!

It’s quite different for me to be posting on a Sunday. But today is the first of May, and that means it’s time to open my new AudOnes Prims Summer Shop!

AudOnesPrims WhaleTalePillowTuck2
Summer is all about vacation and long, breezy days at the shore. Family bbq’s and picnics. And of course the good ol’ US of A. I hope to have captured all of this and more with my new collection of summer-edition shabby sweet prims.

AudOnesPrims WatermelonSet2
I do love opening day. I always feel a great rush of nerves and excitement to share my silly fabric creations with you. I think what strikes me the most today is that with this Summer Shop, I’ve now completed all four seasons. I’ve gone all the way around the calendar with my prims, and will soon be back to the beginning.

AudOnesPrims SetSailBowlFiller
I so truly appreciate all the kindness and support you all have shown me this past year. Opening a shop has been a dream of mine for so long, and I’m so glad I finally took that leap of faith.  What a great adventure it has been. And I couldn’t have done it without all of YOU!

AudOnesPrims Fishton&Nelson2
So thank you, thank you my friends! My Summer Shop is now officially OPEN!
(Click here to shop)
I hope you enjoy!

AudOnes Prims Spring Shop

Hi sweet Friends! It’s a happy day for me, because today is the grand opening of my AudOnes Prims Spring Shop! I’m so excited to show you my new prims and folk art dolls that I’ve been secretly working on for spring, Easter, and even St. Patty’s Day. It’s always such a fun day for me when I get to share with you. Hope you enjoy my new little goodies!

Here’s a peek at what you will find.

AudOnesPrims PeepChick3
We’ll kick things off with some Easter treats.

AudOnes CottontailBunny3
Easter needs chicks… and lots of bunnies, right?

AudOnesPrims HopAlongBunny2
And how about some spring flowers?

AudOnes BloomPillowTuck2
And then maybe some shamrocks for luck….

AudOnes GoodLuckClover
This is just the start of what you will find in my new Spring Shop. I hope you will check it out! ( You can click here to shop now. )

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day!