A Wooden Mitten with Authentique

I love keeping my eye out for unusual items to alter, and recently I came across this cute wooden mitten ornament at the thrift store. The original paint job and decals didn’t go with my decor, but I knew it would be easy to alter and up-cycle using some of my favorite scrappy supplies.
With just a bit of paint and a few touches, I now have an adorable ornament to love or to gift. And it was easy, too, thanks to the help of some fun Kiwi Lane Design templates, our product partner this week on the Authentique blog.
The holly was made with Kiwi Lane’s Christmas Accessory template set and Authentique Joyous 6×6 Bundle paper. I added machine stitching down the center of each leaf and then lightly folded them for a bit of lifelike dimension. Then some ink and mica glitter to the edges before tucking them up into the bow. The tag is from the 12×12 Statements sheet, dressed up with some Details stickers. So easy, and so fun!
AudreyPettit-Joyous-KiwiLane-WoodenMitten2We have many more fabulous projects to share with you on the Authentique blog, so do stop by and take a peek. Be sure to leave a comment while you are there for your chance to win an amazing prize package filled with Authentique and Kiwi Lane goodies, too!
Thanks so much for stopping by, my friends. Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Christmas Chaos

So this past weekend, I suffered a little set-back in the holiday merry making department. Oh, I had every best intention of putting my tree up and knocking out the last of my Christmas decorating…. and with that goal in mind, the little Missy and I happily headed to the tree lot on Saturday to pick out our tree. We found a beauty! Over nine feet tall and half again as wide. Strapped that bad boy to the top of the car, and off we went. The kids hauled it inside and got it up in the stand, and Saturday evening, Peter wrapped ‘er up in holiday lights, while old mom sat on the couch and supervised. We were definitely on our way.

Burlap Snowman Mitten2

Sunday I dedicated myself to getting the tree decorated. I brought in the ladder, and working from the top down, started in on my work. About halfway down the tree, I stepped back to take a look at my progress………just to see the tree beginning to topple forward onto me, knocking into the ladder on it’s way down. With my right hand I grabbed the tree, and with the left, the ladder…..and there I stayed suspended until help arrived reluctantly from upstairs. Pine needles were everywhere. Water splashed everywhere. Half an hour later with much sweat dripping into the eyes, both Pete and I had tried our darndest to get that tree situated correctly in my brand new tree stand, to no avail. Every time we started to let go, the tree started to teeter. Finally Mr. Pete went to the driveway to retrieve the rope with which our bad boy had been tied to the car roof, and we tied that feisty tree to the latches on the window frames behind. Crisis temporarily averted, Pete carried broken branches out to the driveway while I climbed under the tree with towels to begin the copious mopping process, when a sudden snap and shuddering crash on top of me let me know that the tree had broken free from its restraints and once again found it’s way to earth.

Burlap Snowman Mitten3

While I like to believe that I kept a cool head during the entire thing, Pete let me know that I was indeed, rather loose and free with the expletives. But in the spirit of attempting to take each life event as a learning experience, I do have some new-found knowledge from the day to take home with me:

1. It’s really amazing how far pine needles, berries, and ice crystals can bounce, fly, and hide themselves in unlikely nooks and crannies.

2. Christmas tree stands falling over repeatedly do have a tendency to scratch and mar hardwood floors.

3. Even when you think every single ounce of water that can possibly pour out of a tree stand has found it’s way out, you are wrong.

4. After numerous queries to the heavens, to thin air, and to anyone who would listen, it did become apparent that yes, my tree really did mean to go there.


5. Holiday lights applied with a certain lack of ambition to begin with do not improve in appearance after being rather wildly flung about.

Burlap Snowman Mitten


Although totally devoid of ornamentation, that bad boy is once again in standing position after being roped, twined, AND wired to my window frames. And I am one tiny baby step closer to being ready for the holidays.

With all the excitement of the weekend, I didn’t spend much time in my craft studio, as you can imagine. But I do have my sweet little mitten ornament to share with you that I made with my girlies on craft day last week. Burlap, trims, and a little rusty snowman. Does make me smile.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, my friends! Thanks so much for stopping by!