A Touch of Patriotic Pride

Hi everyone! So happy it’s Friday today, and the beginning of our long 4th of July weekend here in the states. I always get a bit excited for a holiday. Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile probably already know I’m a fool for a special occasion. Any excuse to do a bit of decorating and spend some extra time with my family is a good time, in my book.

For today, I’d love to share with you all some peeks at my patriotic home decorations, including these fun crafty goodies I made this week.

Aren’t those pinwheels fun? I had such a good time making these for a project earlier that I decided to make some bigger versions for the 4th of July. They truly are a very simple process and take no time at all to create. I know some of you out there have templates for these, but once you see how easy they are, you will be whipping these out in whatever size suits your fancy, no template needed. If you missed my post, you can see all the step by step directions here.

I made my pinwheels using patterned papers from Webster’s Pages’ Home For the Holidays collection. I love that these versatile papers can be used for way more than just Christmas projects. I paired the papers with Webster’s trims and their gorgeous Bloomers, along with some shabby painted wooden chop-sticks stems.

If you’ve got kiddos around, this is a great project for them!

And now here’s a look at my dining room table, all decked out and ready for a party.

This table arrangement truly makes me happy.  I’ve combined some of my most favorite things here, including some vintage family pieces, a couple of recent antique store finds, handmade goodies, and brand new treasures just joining my collection.

Love these primitive wood pieces Mom and I found on her recent trip out here.  I knew as soon as I saw that red tool box that it would be perfect for the 4th.

I filled the tool box compartments with white petunias, wooden candlesticks and one of my brand new Lori Mitchell figurines.  Yup….I’m still addicted to those guys.

I layered an American flag table runner under my large wooden tray, and added a second flag for depth and color.  The Ball glass jars and the red glass vase were pieces passed down to me from my grandmother.  I am so lucky to have them. The barn star is a precious handmade gift I received from a friend last year. Thank you, Kathy!

Aren’t those figures adorable? I just cannot resist those little cuties. Why, oh, why, oh why did I ever stumble upon you………….


Thank you so much for stopping by today and letting me share some of my patriotic goodies with you.  I hope you have a wonderful day!


Emboss Resist

Hello everyone!  I’m back this evening with a quick post to share a little card I made to join the party going on over at Papertrey Ink this week as they celebrate their 3rd anniversary.  Nichole has issued a fun challenge to make a card using the stamping emboss resist technique, and you all know I am always up for a good challenge.  What better way to get me using my vast stash of dusty stamps? 😉

To begin the project, I stamped a script background stamp on a piece of white cardstock in light moss ink.  I then stamped the three Hero Arts flowers with Versamark ink and embossed them with clear embossing powder.  I then came back in and added a darker olive ink to the entire piece using a stamping sponge, wiping away the ink from the embossed areas when I was done.  The embossing will “resist” the ink application and retain the color of the original cardstock.  This is a fun technique to use with both clear and black embossing ink, which gives a unique silhouetting look to your stamped image.

There’s all sorts of fun going on over at Papertrey Ink.  Be sure to stop by and check it out.  I hear tell you could win all sorts of fabulous prizes!

Have a great night everyone!  I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Countdown to Christmas- Day 15

Don’t you just hate computer troubles?  Ugh……

Guess I managed to pick up some malware and I’ve been without my computer for the last two days.  So relieved to have it back up and running.  What a pain!  Thank goodness I have a computer tech brother who can fix things for me. I would be lost without you, Bro!

So my apologies for missing yesterday’s Countdown to Christmas post.  I suppose I should make today’s post extra fabulous and spectacular to make up for my lapse………but that’s too much pressure. 😉

So instead, I will share with you all one of my most favorite holiday crafty projects ever.  I made this guy several years ago, and he has held a spot of honor on my mantel every year since.

I created the base for my snowman out of two balloons that I partly filled with air and then tied together to form a basic bowling pin shape.  I then added many layers of torn patterned paper to the balloons with a mixture of 50/50 Modge Podge to water.  I added layers of paper until the snowman was strong enough to stand on its own and until I was no longer able to make a dent in his side when I pressed with my fingers.

The arms I created from wire.  I first made a forked outline and then wrapped wire around the forms until they were completely covered.  I made the hat from two felt pieces, one circle and one rectangle that I rolled into a long tube.  The nose is rolled orange card stock, the eyes are black mini brads, and the mouth was created from seed beads.  I gave him some ribbons and trims on his hat and neckline, buttons, a bit of blush, and lots of glitter for sparkle.

Hey Good Lookin’!  What you got cookin’?

Ah, he just makes me smile.

Hope he gave you a smile, too.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  See you all tomorrow.

Rainy Tuesday

Hi everyone!  Boy have we ever done a complete about-face with our weather over the last 24 hours.  We went from golden sunshine and warmth to gray clouds and rain.  Even though it’s a bit dark, Fall is definitely back in the air. And since Fall is my favorite season, I have no complaints about that. Nor can I complain about the glorious view out my back.  Think I could sit and stare out my windows all day.

5_8_08 348


But instead of sitting around, the rainy day has driven me into my scrap room for a bit of fun.  First, I played along with the sketch over at 2sketches4you.

25 Happy Holidays

Patterned Paper: Pink Paislee and Making Memories
Cardstock: Stampin’Up!
Felt Dimensional Sticker and Die-Cut Tag: Making Memories
Rub-On: Deja Views
Pearls: Kaiser
Ribbon, Tulle, Silk Holly Leaves, Machine Stitching

25 Happy Holidays detail

Today is my day to post on the Webster’s Pages Facebook page.  I posted this set of two turtle dove ornaments I finished this morning.

Webster's Birds

These birds are fashioned after  some ornaments I made in school when I was in kindergarten.  My mother has saved those original ornaments all these years.  And since I love those first birds, I wanted to try my hand at making some more now.

Here are the directions in case you would like to make some.

patterned paper-  at least two different patterns. Can be double-sided, or  if not, cut two birds for every ornament.  I used paper from Webster’s Pages Home for the Holidays and Hello Beautiful lines.
pearls, small buttons, or gems for eyes
hemp, string, or baker’s twine
mini bells
lace or trim- I used trims from Webster’s Winter Trim Collection

1.  Trace bird pattern onto patterned paper.  You can use any bird template or download one from the internet.  If you would like to use the same bird I did, just leave me a comment and I will email you the pattern.

If your paper is double-sided, you can cut just one bird per ornament.  If one sided, or if you want the same pattern on both sides, you will need to cut two birds for each ornament.  This is what I did.  If you are going to cut two, remember to reverse your bird pattern before you trace it the second time.  Otherwise you will only have two fronts, and not a back.

bird tracing2.  Cut out your birds and adhere your front and back sides together.  Embellish the birds with touches of glitter.  I added glitter to the polka dots on the red bird.  The green bird had no embellishment, so I added a heart and flower cut out from some paper and then added glitter around the edge of the heart.  Have fun with this.  Here’s your chance to add whatever detailing you would like to the main body of each bird.


3.  Machine stitch about 1/8″ in from the edge around each ornament.  If you don’t have a machine, you can always hand-stitch, or just skip this step altogether.

4.  For the wings, cut one piece of patterned paper to 2 3/4″ x 4″.  You will need one piece for each bird.  Score at 1/4″ intervals lengthwise and then accordion fold.  I used the scoring tool on my personal trimmer, but you can also use a ruler and a stylus, or even the back of a butter knife, to get your crease lines.  Punch a 1/4″ hole in the center of each bird.  I enlarged my hole just a bit more than that by taking little nips around that original hole with my hole punch.  You might have to play with this a bit to get your opening large enough to insert your pleated wings.  Once inserted, fan the paper out.

5.  Add trim to the end of each wing using craft glue.  Of if you would like to be able to remove the wings each year for ease of storage, leave the wings without trim.

6.  Tie a hemp bow around each neck.  A dot of glue at the base of the neck will hold that string in place.  Add a mini bell and tie the cord into a bow.

7.  Add pearls or other embellishment for the eyes.

8.  Punch a micro hole at the back edge of the bird, above the wings for balance, and add a string for the hanger.

Webster's Birds detail. jpg

Webster's Bird left

Webster's Bird right

Enjoy everyone!  Let me know if you give this a try.  I would love to see how your birds turn out.

Have a great day everyone!

The 31 Days of October- Day 14

Here we are, already at the half-way mark of my 31 days of October.  Where, oh where, does the time go?  For today’s Halloween post, I thought I would share a few more of my spooky decorations.  For some of you who have been visiting my blog for awhile, you might remember these beaded sticks I made with Nik and my mom last year.  They were fashioned after some similar branches we saw at Pottery Barn that Mom and I thought we could make ourselves for much less money.  But after spending hours picking apart beads and trying to get them to stick to the branches, I do believe it would have been much easier to just have bought the Pottery Barn versions and been done with it.  Gluing those beads drove me dern near crazy. 🙂

5_8_08 043

5_8_08 044

I did, however, break down and purchase the adorable Pottery Barn spiders for the branches.

5_8_08 014

For anyone who wants to try this at home, I really don’t recommend it. 😉  But if you are going to anyway, here’s what I did.  It truly is simple in theory…..spray paint some sticks black and then apply white glue with a sponge brush and sprinkle beads over the glued areas.  Thicker branches obviously work better than thin, as there is more surface area for the beads to cling to.  Here’s what the branches look like up close.

5_8_08 041

5_8_08 042

Then I have this spooky guy hanging out with the spiders.

5_8_08 035

Looks like me first thing in the morning!

Hope I’ve given you some crafty ideas to NOT try this Halloween season!  Trust me…..you’ll thank me for it!

Have a great day everyone!

And the Winner is…..

Happy Friday!

Thanks to everyone who left nice comments over the last week for my Bazzill stitching templates giveaway.  These templates were my favorite part of the August kit from Paper-Playground, and I am so excited to have some extras to offer up to a new home.

I’ve had some questions as to how best use these templates, and I thought I would share how I generally use them.  They can shift around on you, and if you poke holes while it’s shifting, it can turn out a bit messy and frustrating. So what I tend to do is hold them firmly in place with one hand and place pencil dots inside each template hole with the other.  Then I remove the template and using a needle or a piercer, poke a hole where each pencil mark is.  You can then draw a faint line in pencil connecting all the dots, or just keep your template nearby to use as a guide while stitching.  I use only 2 to 3 strands of embroidery floss at a time.  If you use all 8 strands that make up the typical floss, you need a fairly large needle with a larger eye, and the floss is a bit harder to pull.  I hope some of these tips help!

And now that I’ve got you all excited about the templates, I can announce the winner of my random drawing.  Congratulations goes to Lisa Dorsey.  Yeah Lisa!  Woo-hoo.  I can’t wait to see what cute projects you do with these templates, girl.  And thanks again to everyone for playing along with me.

Not much else is going on scrappy-wise, but I have to show you all this cute book that Nik and I have fallen in love with lately.  If you guys like Halloween, you are going to love this.

Are you guys familiar with Ed Emberley?  I am just the biggest fan of his.  He has created all sorts of step-by-step drawing books for children.  I’m also in love with his fingerprint art books.  I’ve used the fingerprints in art projects I’ve done at the kids’ school and even in some card classes I’ve taught.  Nik and I have been having a ball with this Halloween book.  Here’s a couple of our latest masterpieces.

Sorry for the lousy scans.  One thing I’ve really come to realize lately is that Nik is ready for a genuine sketch book with real watercolor paper.  We’re going to put that on her Christmas list.  On these, we were stuck using a cheapy doodle book from back in her preschool days, but we sure still had tons of fun.  For both pictures, we did sort of a round robin game where she would start the picture with one image, which I couldn’t see her draw.  Then she would pass the book to me and I would add one thing to the picture that she then couldn’t see.  We kept passing it back and forth until we thought we had added everything that could be added.  I loved seeing the happiness on her face every time she would search for my new addition.  Very fun.

So glad the weekend is almost here.  Hope you all have a good one!