2018 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Day 3

Hello my Spooky Spooks! Welcome to day three of my annual Halloween haunted house tour! Only a few days left until the trick or treaters come ringing the doorbell… and I still have so much to share. So without any further ado, let’s get on with the show! Today, let’s take a stroll around the living room.

A couple of years ago, I hit upon a theme for my living room mantel that I really love. And since then, I keep returning to that look, with minor variations. Here on the mantel are some of my most treasured Halloween pieces, artwork from my kiddos. They will always take front and center for me.

I’m sure these silly specters are familiar to you by now. The framed skeleton drawing in chalk pastels done by wee Pete. And the cocktail and pastel eye drawings done by my Missy Nik. They truly set the scene each year. A scene of skeletal bones and eyeballs.

And while the mantel remains steadfast, I did experiment with new designs in the rest of the room. My handmade skeleton is hanging out on the hearth.

And my vintage laundry cart, which normally lives in the sunroom, has made an appearance in here.

And brand new in 2018 is an entirely new scene, built around the back console. I hope you enjoy!

Only four more days until Halloween! Are YOU ready?

Hello October

The day is finally here when I can say………

octoberAnd you know what that means! It’s time to let the Halloween festivities begin! So do come in, and let’s get started on my annual Halloween Haunted House Tour.


I hope you will make yourself welcome, and stay for awhile. I have ever so many things to share with you. Step inside the door and see what surprises await.


Here is my little front entryway table. A first happy greeting for all visitors done up in my usual mish-mash style of old mixed with new. Fine things and junk things.  Things I’ve made, things I’ve been given, and priceless treasures made by my kids over the years. Everyday items. Sticks gathered from my yard. Even trash rescued from the bin. I don’t worry if things match, or if they “go” together, or what style it is………I think that if you love something, by all means then, enjoy it.

And I hope you enjoy it, too!





The figurines are from my ever-beloved collection of Lori Mitchell dolls. I’ve mixed a few of them here along with some vintage books and silver pieces, great everyday props that work perfectly for Halloween.


The tree is sort of a funky, modern retro guy from Pier1. Decorated with super cheapy cheap pumpkin ornaments and one of my favorite Pottery Barn spiders.



Prim Halloween dolls and a handpainted gourd ghost the little missy made years ago in an enamel-ware thunder bucket.


A bat card from my mom and a pair of jacks I made last year, tucked into my old rusty kitchen scale.



Hello cuteness.


And also in the entryway is my wooden antique prim bench and stairway, another favorite spot for some festive cheer.



P1030421A basket filled with prims and a card I was lucky enough to receive last year. Sticks turned into stars, and a wee Halloween tree I got at the Goodwill for a song.


More vintage enamel-ware. Another everyday piece I love to use in my home decor throughout the year. I filled it with recycled packaging paper and Halloween floral picks…..and a few more sticks from my yard. Never underestimate the design power of mother nature. It’s free, it’s earth-friendly, and so often completely magnificent.


The skeleton is an amazing greeting card that my mom sent me a few years ago. How stinkin’ fun is that?


Vintage linen and enamel-ware pot. A felt pumpkin from the thrift store and a ceramic pumpkin from the flea market. Odd bits I’ve collected over the years.


I made the wreath myself from things my mom found on her junking adventures. A costume feather boa that Nik played with when she was wee, and a cute felt pumpkin cat garage sale wreath that was the perfect fit for on top.


The banister is pure trash to treasure. Dollar store creepy cloth and a big strip of filler packaging paper that came in a recent shipping box, draped across the railing and tied with a bit of natural raffia. Doesn’t get much cheaper than that.



There you have it, my friends. Just the beginning of my annual Haunted House Tour. Perhaps I’ll save the rest for another day. What do you say?