Three Cheers for the Red, White, & Blue

Happy Monday!

And happy Memorial Day to my American friends!

AudOnesPrims USAFirecrackers
So of course today is a patriotic holiday for those of us in the U.S. A day to celebrate this great country of ours, and to honor and remember all of our service men and women, past and present.

AudOnesPrims USAFirecrackers2
Now I know I have mentioned this once or twice before, but I am a patriotic girl, through and through. Now that summer has “officially” started, it’s time to break out the red, white, and blue.

AudOnesPrims USAFirecrackers3

It’s been a quiet, rainy weekend here. Perfect excuse to hide away in the craft room, and whip up some new silly prims… like these little firecracker bundles.

AudOnesPrims USAFirecrackers4
Just a fun bowl filler for the summer months. Great individually or stacked up all together. These little guys have been hand-painted and antiqued, and even slightly charred. I made my own grungy tags, and then tied up each bundle with a big shabby bow. Huge thank you to my sweet bloggy friend, Lynn at From My Bungalow, for the adorable alphabet stamp set I used on the tags.

AudOnesPrims OldGloryFrame

Recently I got my hands on a few itty bitty wooden frames for some of my wee itty bitty stitchery. This Old Glory print, hand-stitched in my own messy handwriting onto tea-stained cotton canvas, seemed particularly fitting for this day. I used black floss to match the black finish of the frame. And on the background, I created a watercolor flag using Distress inks and paint.

AudOnesPrims OldGloryFrame2
These new goodies have been added to my Summer Shop, in case you are interested. You can find them, along with all the rest of my summer prims, here.

Thanks so much for stopping by! And to our country’s service men and women, our veterans, and all their families, thank you, for your dedication, service, and sacrifice!


So my mother emails me yesterday and reminds me that I have teased you all with unfinished projects for way too long now.  “Where are your finished toilet paper tube goodies, and what about that gluing/yarn mess you were working on?”  Of course she phrased it a bit nicer, but I get the point.  It’s about time I showed you the end results. After all, I have been finished with them for weeks and weeks, so what on earth am I dragging my feet for? 😉

Nik and I started this project with toilet paper tubes back in early August.  I wanted to work on some kind of Halloween project (of course), but Nik thought it was way too early for that business.  And even though the 4th of July was already over, we decided to “plan ahead” for next year.  I had seen some gorgeous, metal firecrackers at my favorite gift shop that gave me the inspiration for these little cuties.  Of course theirs were big and sturdy and beautifully made, and mine are well………..toilet paper tubes.  But hey, we’re not comparing, right?  Here are a couple of photos of us at the beginning of the project.

5_8_08 419

5_8_08 423

You can see we managed to create quite the big, ol’ mess.  But it was worth it.  Here are our finished products.  We made a trio of firecrackers of varying heights.  The smallest one is a single tp tube.  We got the other two by sticking one end of a tube into a second tube.  You have to squish one end fairly well to get it into the second tube, and have to do some adjusting to get the piece straight, but it does work.


We stuck to the same materials for starters, but tried to make each firecracker a bit unique.  I dug into my stash for any 4th-looking papers and came up with an assortment of lines including old Basic Grey, Anna Griffin, KI, and Autumn Leaves, plus some newer Making Memories.


The smallest tube is made up of paper strips going in every which direction.  I glittered a chipboard star for each, and topped every one with matching red, foam stars.  The bases are made from scalloped circle punches.  I also used a circle punch to create the tops of each firecracker.  The wicks are bits of rolled paper, and I used floss to secure the lids in place.


the middle tube is decorated with lots of small, torn, rectangular pieces.  It, too, has it’s glittered star, along with an old Soft Spoken fireworks sticker, buttons, and a bit of ribbon.


The tallest tube has horizontal rows of paper strips, another glittered star, buttons, ribbon, and a Soft Spoken embellie from my archives.  It sure feels good to use up old junk (e-hem…..I mean treasure) from the stash pile.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I will share our other crafty project another day.  And in the mean time, if you all have any other ideas of uses for toilet paper tubes, I would love to hear about them.  We always seem to have plenty lying around! 🙂