The December Kit is Up!

Yeah!  December first!  I just love the first of the month!  I have so many happy, scrappy things to share.  The new kit from Paper-Playground is up on the website, and that means I can finally show you all some of the things I’ve been working on.  And I have some other scrappy news to share, too.  Lots of news! Too much news, probably……I’ll have to break it up into smaller, digestible bits, I think.  Otherwise you all will be nodding off in your seats.  So are you all ready?

First of all, I have to share this bit of news here.  Stacey Michaud asked me to do a page for her fabulous journaling article in ScrapStreet ezine.  Stacey’s article this month features tips on focusing on the who/what/where/why/how of journaling.  The page I created is near and dear to my heart, and is something I had been needing to do for quite some time.  And, I used the beautiful November kit from Paper-Playground, too! 😉  If you all haven’t checked out ScrapStreet yet, you will be amazed, I promise!

And now….are you all ready to see the full December kit?  And maybe some projects, too?




So pretty, isn’t it?  Be sure to check out the Paper-Playground website for the full list of kit contents.  Take a peek at the smoking gallery, too, while you are there.  And be sure to get your kit quickly before they fly out the door.

Here are just a couple of the things I’ve done with this month’s kit.



Thanks for hanging in there for so long!  I’ve got lots of other fun things to share, including more kit projects and some fun news from inspireME, but I’ll let that wait until next time.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Sweet Sunday

Aaahhhh….I do love the weekend, don’t you? It’s so peaceful and quiet right now. The weekend gives you a chance to relax and unwind and best of all…..sleep in! And, no homework! Well, not yet anyway. ;0! Nope, so far, we have just been enjoying the small break and the beautiful weather. Nik has been in a crafty mood all week, so the first thing we did this weekend was head to our local craft store and stocked up on some supplies. We also took some long walks to scavenge a few things from nature. Armed with all our new resources, we got down to some serious business yesterday. She reminds me so much of myself when I was her age. I love that she’s been bitten with the crafting bug. Here’s a few pictures of what we’ve been up to.

Every fall, Nik and I go searching for acorns. Last year, we waited too long and had the most difficult time finding any at all. So this year, we were pretty happy when we came across a new source where there were acorns by the bucket-full. Nik and I both filled our buckets to the tip-top within about 10 minutes. What bounty! Then we came home and got started on this little project.

We got three rows of acorns glued on before it got a little tedious for her. Then she wanted to start work on something else.

She told me that she’s been wanting to make these Styrofoam ball snowmen since the 3rd grade. First I’ve heard of it actually, but she was quite serious. Nik plans on making a whole snowfamily. This is the beginnings of the mommy. Looks just like me, doesn’t it? Except my nose is a little bigger.

It’s so much fun to just be able to play a bit. I’ve done a bit of playing in my scraproom, too, on some projects that I am excited to be able to share soon. In other scrappy news, I’ve had some really sweet things happen to me this weekend. For the first time ever, I have received not one, but two RAK packages in the mail. Check out this HUGE stash of goodies sent to me by my scrappy friends, Shanna and Ashley!

The generosity of the scrapping community honestly blows my mind that people will not only give so much, but also take the time and expense to box it all up and ship it out. You girls completely made my weekend. THANK YOU so much!

I also received an email from Stacey Michaud asking if I would like to be a guest designer for her monthly journaling column in the ScrapStreet ezine for December. I am so honored and excited, and yes, nervous to do this. If you all haven’t checked out this free online publication yet, you sure need to. You will be amazed by it!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekends!