Halloween Haunted House Tour, Cont.

2015-halloween-haunted-houseHappy Wednesday friends!  I am back today with more of my 2015 Halloween Haunted House Tour. We started the tour in my haunted front entryway, and last week I shared my living room. So now, let’s turn the corner and step into my spooky sunroom.

The sunroom is my favorite room in the house because it’s filled with windows and sunlight and views out to the woods behind. This door to the back deck is the crossover between the living room and sunroom, and here I’ve hung my big Halloween wreath. The feather base is a knock-off Pottery Barn wreath I made years ago, and later I topped it with this adorable kitty cat/pumpkin wreath. And now this piece is truly a one-of-a-kind.

Here is the top of my antique butler’s chest. A great spot for another spooky scene.

There’s lots of vintage-y folk art pieces here. Black cats and pumpkins. And a pair of Halloween trees.

A purple tinsel tree, strung with Halloween lights and filled with fall berries. Kitty cat and pumpkin tinsel ornaments, too.

A black wire miniature tree and large wooden lantern. The black gazing ball is a ceramic piece my little Missy made in art class this past year.


A couple of handmade zombies, from the Missy and me.

More baskets and containers filled with lots and lots of Halloween treats.


P1090730 This big wire basket is a vintage laundry tote. Folks used to fill this with their wet clothes and roll it out to the line. For me, it’s a great receptacle for linens and blankets, and of course my Halloween friends. The ghost and the spider in back were both made by my Missy Nik when she was in preschool. These are the things that just melt my heart.


P1090732The big paper jack is also hers, made back in an art class when she was two. I do keep it all.  These things are my true treasures.


P1090734Nik and I painted the lighted jack o-lantern together at one of those pottery studios when she was three. We call this guy Big Jack. Do you see the tiny kleenex ghosts hanging in the tree? Yes, from my little Miss.

P1090735Another Halloween tree, filled with sweet feltie ornaments.



P1090739And the PB knock-off beaded sticks my mom and I made years and years ago. Boy how I cursed that project at the time, but they sure have lasted remarkably well… and each year they are still around is a bonus to me.

More spiders for Patty! There ya go, Hun!


Some of my beloved Lori Mitchell figures, and my own handmade paper mache pumpkin who does, in all honesty, give me a small case of the creeps. Now that guy is scary.

We’ll end the tour here with this one last scene. A vintage basket hung on my basement door, filled with Halloween florals and handmade spooks and a greeting card skeleton my mom sent to me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour so far! We’ve got one last stop to make, which I’ll share next week. Just in time for Halloween! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

The 2015 Halloween Haunted House Tour, Cont.

2015-halloween-haunted-houseHappy Friday, my friends!  I am back today with more of my 2015 Halloween Haunted House Tour. Last week I shared my haunted front entryway, and now, let’s step into my living room.

The credenza along my back wall is a great spot for a little Halloween scene, built around a fabulous antique watering can I found this past summer. I do love baskets and containers of all sorts and sizes for grouping my collections of things. In this case, Halloween gifts from family and friends mixed with a few handcrafted spooks.

The skeleton and candy corn are a pair of my own handmade prims. The tiny mummy is a craft project of my Missy Nik’s when she was wee little. It’s a wooden ice cream stick, painted and wrapped in torn strips of cloth. Such an easy and fun Halloween project if you have kids around.

Mimsie the Mummy is still here with me. She is one of the very last Halloween prims still left in my Fall Shop. I’m so tickled at how popular my little friends have been, thanks to all of YOU!

And now for my Halloween mantel….

… filled with ghosts and skeletons, pumpkins, spiders and bats, and lots and lots of ooey gooey eyeballs.

Decorating doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. I find that the older I get, what tugs on my heartstrings the most are things that my kiddos made when they were little.  And even the things that I have made over the years, too. Because these are the “things” that truly tell the story of your life. And if they make you happy, then that’s all that matters.

Nik painted the little gourd ghost at a fall festival when she was still small. She drew the eyeball in chalk pastels quite a few years ago now, as well. Talk about a perfect partner for the jar o’ eyeballs and the eyeball greeting card my mom has given to me.

The skeleton portrait Pete made in art class so many years ago now. Hanging with my boyfriend, Mr. Bones.

For my dear friend, Patty, who loves spiders! HahaHA



This poor guy on the hearth has had such a fright.

As have these guys, too. I think they all just caught a peep of Mimsie in the back….

…. and that’s enough to frighten anyone!

I hope you enjoyed! There’s more tour still to come, so stay tuned. And thank you all for stopping by. Happy weekend!

Haunted Halloween House Tour, Cont.

Halloween is mere days away, so I think it’s time, my friends. Let’s continue my 2013 Haunted Halloween House Tour.

P1030406Come on in, and let’s step into my sunroom…


P1030692This is Big Jack and Little Jack, two precious ceramic pumpkins with lots of happy memories for me. The wee little Missy Nik and I painted Big Jack together when she was three. We went back to the same shop to paint another together just last year. You can sure tell the difference a few years makes in painting skills.


My mom found me the picture at an antiques shop a few years back. It is vintage crepe paper that the dealer had framed. Amazing to me that something so delicate could have stood up to the test of time.


Every good haunted house needs a few tissue ghosts, right? These were made by my wee sweetie a long time ago. Yes, I keep everything.


P1030688The back of my basement door has a vintage hanging basket filled with goodies. Antique linen and cheapy cheap dollar store flowers. The skull is one of my mom’s amazing Halloween cards she’s sent, and the ghost was made in art class when my daughter was two.



I, too, have a Halloween tree, although on a much smaller scale than my competitors. Some of the ornaments I’ve made myself, while the bulk of them are lovely felt creations I’ve found along my journey. My mom found the strand of pumpkin lights at a yard sale.




You’ve seen these guys before..

P1030700A side table filled with precious Lori Mitchell figures and my pumpkin tree.



P1030704Underneath an old basket filled with pumpkins, one fabric and one paper made by a wee little Kindergartener I had once upon a time.


This round wire basket is an old laundry cart. You fill the wet clothes into the basket and wheel the cart out to the clothesline for hanging. There are hooks on the side to hold the little bag of clothespins. And the cart folds completely flat for storage.


P1030707This piece, too, is an antique. It’s a Butler’s Chest and was used by the help back in the olden days. There are several large drawers for clothes, and a pair of smaller drawers for gloves, etc. The center folds down into a writing desk. This chest, along with a simple bed, would comprise a servants accommodations. Of course mine is completely decked out with spooks.







P1030716Mr. Pete made the pumpkin teapot and candy corn cup. Nik and I made the mummies from ice cream sticks. And this is another pumpkin the lass painted for me.



Thanks so much for spending some time with me! I hope you all have enjoyed more of my Halloween silliness. Just a few more days, my friends….and then it will be all over.

For another year, that is!

Happy 4th of July


Popping in today to wish all my friends in the States a very safe and happy 4th of July! And sharing a few last scenes from my patriotic home, just in time for the holiday. Because you all KNOW I’ve got my home all decked out for the 4th, right?

I hope you enjoy taking a little peek!










May your day be filled with friends, family, food, and fireworks! Hug a serviceman or woman today, and God bless the USA!

It’s a Wrap

Hello Sweeties! Happy Friday! I do hope you’ve all been having a wonderful holiday week, and that you’re finding time to unwind now that the big rush of Christmas is over.

5_8_08 041

Things definitely seem quieter here, although this week has still been quite crazy at my house. I’ve been continuing my battle with the sickies, and instead of Christmas rush, CHA rush has taken over. So even though I’ve been busy, busy, busy……

I’ve got nothing to show for it right now.

5_8_08 043

Instead, I thought I’d share some photos from Christmas day, including some scenes from my holiday house.

5_8_08 042

5_8_08 019

5_8_08 018

5_8_08 036

5_8_08 033

5_8_08 046

5_8_08 053

5_8_08 058

5_8_08 124

5_8_08 103

5_8_08 134

As you can see, Santa was very good to us this year. But I have to say, your sweet friendships and support over the past years have been the best Christmas gift of all! I cherish each and every one of you! Have a great weekend, everyone, and thanks so much for stopping by.

A Decorated Home- Red, White, & Blue Dining

Hi everyone! Happy 4th of July to my friends in the States! I hope you all have a very special day planned filled with family, good friends, good food, and lots of celebration. This is the first 4th of July in 18 years that I have spent on the West Coast with my family, so I am feeling very lucky today. Really looking forward to watching fireworks from this side of the continent tonight. I’m sure they’re very different from the East Coast variety. ;)

Even though I’m away, I do have my house all decked out for the holiday. So today I thought I would share a few more photos of my red, white, and blue home. I hope you enjoy! And Happy 4th of July, everyone!