The Summer-Inspired Americana House Tour

Hi Sweet Friends! Happy Monday to you! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
It is completely grey and overcast here in my neck of the woods, so rather a gloomy start to the week for us. But I am not going to let those grey skies get me down. Because I have just returned from a lovely weekend away at the beach with the girls. And there’s nothing like girlfriend time, and beach time, to soothe all ills and lift the spirits. I am a very happy (and slightly sunburned) lucky girl this morning….. ready to tackle any gloom ahead. Hope you all made some great summertime memories this weekend, too.

Today I wanted to switch gears from papercrafts to a post dedicated to my sweet mom, who loves to see my house decorated for the different seasons and holidays, but rarely gets the chance to see it in person. So welcome, all! I hope you enjoy! Here’s a peek at my summertime decor.

My passion for things old and timeworn definitely comes from my mom and dad, who started me out antiquing when I was still in high school. I would scour the thrift shops for vintage clothes and jewelry, and still to this day proudly display some of the dishes and treasures I managed to find way back then. If it’s rusty or chippy, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. I am, after all, a funky junk girl at heart.

I usually go with a patriotic red, white, and blue Americana theme for the summer months. But this time I’m changing things up a tad to go with more of a nautical beach cottage look in spots, in keeping with my ocean-themed summer mini-release in my shop this year. You may remember seeing my beachy entryway decor from an earlier post this summer (click HERE if you missed that post.) So my summer sideboard this year is done up to match in soothing ocean blues.

While the rest of the house is in keeping with my traditional red, white, and blue.

Happy Summer, Friends, from my house to yours! ❤


AudOnes Prims Nautical Summer Mini-Release

Hi Friends!
I am so happy today to share with you the release of my new nautical summer collection at AudOnes Prims! This is a very small release, available for one short week only before I put my shop on summer vacation. But I’m super excited to share it with you, and I hope that you will love it as much as I do!

Tomorrow is the first of June already, and like many of you, I’ve got summer on my mind. I am so ready to hit the beach, and soak up the sun. And that is what has inspired my latest collection. This mini release is filled with the cutest little sea creatures, made from the most adorable seaside fabric collection ever.

In honor of my reveal today, I decided to spruce up my front entryway in a beach theme to match. Great excuse for a little summer decorating to kick off the season, and a chance to get a peek at my new shop goodies, too.

As many of you already know, I have a small “thing” for transferware dishes, and love to collect them in all colors and patterns. I usually pair the blues with red for an Americana theme for summer, but this time I kept to a crisp blue and white palette for a more beach cottage kind of look, mixed in with lots of my favorite things.

As always, my decorating is an absolute mish-mash, but it’s this random assortment of life’s treasures that do bring the most joy. I’m really liking how the new prims fit right in. That whale is looking pretty happy to be here, don’t you think?

My new nautical collection consists of a couple of sea friends pillows and some cute critters, too. I’m sure you’ll be able to spot them all!

My new summer mini-release will be available in my shop at 10:00 a.m. EST this morning.
I do hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Happy Holidays to All

Hello, Friends!

Popping in to wish you and your loved ones a very merry and blessed holiday! May you enjoy the warmth and friendship of the season, and make many happy memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

I still have a few last-minute preparations to do before the big day. My wee Missy Nik and I are going to make pies together after work today, which I am really looking forward to. And there are still some presents to be wrapped. But otherwise, there is nothing to do but sit back and savor the moments.

I often do my holiday house tours for my sweet mom, who lives all the way across the country from me. She so enjoys my decor, and rarely gets to see it in person. Christmas, however, is the exception. Not only does she get to see everything firsthand, she also helps put on the finishing touches, too.

Still, it wouldn’t quite feel like the holidays without sharing with all of you. So here is a peek at my decor, and lots of hugs and best wishes, from my holiday house to yours!


































Ho Ho Ho


2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Finale

2016-halloween-haunted-houseHello, Friends!

Happy Halloween to all my favorite spooks and goblins! So of course today is the holiday, and as per usual with me, I’ve gone right down to the wire with preparations…. but I am finally ready for the day. My Little Missy Nik and I spent the day yesterday running around last minute searching for pumpkins, which ended up being quite the task. After 6 stops, we ended up coming home with two free pumpkins, and a dancing skeleton strobe light we happened upon at Home Depot. I’d say that’s pretty lucky.

So now, pumpkins are carved, candy bowls are full, and happy skeletons are dancing across my garage doors. All that’s left to do is to finish my 2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour. So let’s get to it!

Today’s stop is my front entryway table and bench. The first spot that greets visitors.

The large basket below my entryway table is the perfect spot for piling and tucking lots of my favorite things. If you don’t have a ton of space, this is a great way to make a simple group arrangement, and is so quick and easy to change out for different holidays.

The entry table is small, but packs a big punch. I always keep it decorated for the seasons. Even if I don’t have too many pieces for each holiday, it’s not too hard to find enough for this tiny space.

Do you spy my sweet pup? She never strays too far from my side.

A few more of my beloved Lori Mitchell figurines. And my favorite vintage-inspired pumpkinhead doll.

An old milk jug, filled with Halloween branches and picks. And a treasured piece of art work that came home from school many years ago featuring a pair of my most favorite itty bitty feet.

And next to my entryway table, nestled against the base of the stairs, is my front bench. Another perfect spot for decorating.

Of course both the top and bottom need some friends.

More baskets and trays to fill and stuff.

You may recognize some of these prims from my Fall Shop this year. Here is my Hoot Owl and Ghosties… and some spooky skulls as well.


P.S.- today is the last day of my 2016 Fall Shop, and there are still a few little prims in need of a new home, in case you are interested.

And that, my friends, wraps up Halloween for this year! Thank you all so much for joining me on the tour once again! I hope you enjoyed! ❤

Happy Haunting!

2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Cont.

2016-halloween-haunted-houseHi everyone, and welcome back to day three of my annual Halloween Haunted House Tour. It’s exactly one week until Halloween, and we still have two stops left on the tour… So let’s get started!
Today I thought we would visit the dining room.


As always, I’ve filled my dining room antique sideboard with my usual mix of crisp white vintage ironstone with my collection of antique transferware dishes. I’ve got transferware in almost every color….but of course at Halloween, I pull out my black.

And scattered throughout are some of my favorite Halloween pieces. Lots of skulls, and a few handmade treasures. And then there’s my beloved Lori Mitchell figures.

I have an old funky junk egg basket at the foot of my sideboard, which is a great spot to tuck in a few pumpkins and prims.

The diner menu sign was something I picked up at the dollar store many years ago. Just an inexpensive little trinket… but it does make me smile.

Little Boo here in the front was my very first Lori Mitchell figurine. The one that started it all.  You can tell by the expression on her face that she’s realized the trouble that she has caused!

A close up of some of my skulls and handmade treasures. A cardboard ghost that I made at one craft day several years ago. And a wee prim bat that my Missy Nik made at another.

And a few more details to enjoy.


Nik and I made the little zombie figures at craft day, too, from spools and wire, sculpey clay and painted acorns. The wire tree is a recent find from my local junk store.

More figures.
More skulls.

And lots of Halloween fun.

If you missed day one and two of my tour, you can find them here and here. And we’ll finish up next Monday, just in time for Halloween!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour

Hi Friends! Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. And hope that those of you to the southeast of here made it through the storm safely. Besides being pelted with over 6″ of rain, we were very lucky. Where many were without power and dealt with major flooding here in the heart of North Carolina, we managed to escape it all. It’s been a tense few days, though, for so many people. And I know I’m not the only one who is super relieved to see hurricane Matthew disappear.

After days of solid grey gloom, I was so happy to see the sun return on Sunday. Perfect for a little photo shoot of my Halloween haunted house. Because it’s time my friends… time to start my 2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour.

2016-halloween-haunted-houseEvery Monday, now through Halloween day, I’ll share a stop along my haunted house tour. Today I thought we’d start with my living room, and my haunted Halloween mantel. I’ve got lots of photos to share. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy the tour!


I know many of you have been touring with me these past few years, so some of these scenes will be familiar to you. I try to change things up every year, but there are a few spooky spooks that “need” to be in a certain spot, or it just wouldn’t be Halloween. Take my skeletons, for example. They belong on the mantel. No ifs, ands, or buts.

My ceramic Mr. Bones, and skeleton painting done by my son in high school, are a couple of my most favorite Halloween things, so they tend to set the tone for the mantel each year. This time, they are chilling with the rest of the gang…. lots of pumpkins, ghosts and eyeballs, and of course a creepy spider or two.

Many of these treasures are handmade, by me, and by my kiddos growing up over the years.  My Missy Nik’s painted gourd ghost from when she was wee little. A painted eyeball portrait done by her in much later years. And a prim pumpkin head and paper mache ghost made during my weekly crafty play dates with the girls.

That jovial skeleton is actually a card, given to me by my mom a few years back. He is completely bendable and posable, and gets up to all sorts of shenanigans. I always have lots of fun with him.


A peek at my coffee table.

And what’s beneath.

And the hearth. Check out this cool skeleton dude the girls and I made this fall. He took us four weeks of crafty play dates to complete… but he was worth it.

I may have to name him Mr. Bones Too. 😀


The wreath marks the path into the sunroom, which we’ll pick up on the tour next time. Until then…
Thanks so much for stopping by!
And Happy Haunting to YOU!


Bah Bah Black Sheep

Happy Wednesday, Crafty Friends!

Today I thought I would switch gears from paper crafts to sharing one of my latest fabric creations. Summer is a busy time, but the girls and I have managed to get together a few times for crafting. And as is usually the case, we’ve been working on some sweet and shabby little prims. Here’s one we’ve just recently finished.

AudreyPettit PrimSheep
A woolly little black sheep, after the children’s nursery rhyme, all wrapped up in his tartan and rags. Cute for Christmas, but I liked him so much, he went straight out.

AudreyPettit PrimSheep2
I guess a sheep can be used any time of year, right? This guy is hanging out on my hearth, tucked into his little stall…….. which in truth is a vintage cabbage slicer….

AudreyPettit PrimSheep3
…. decked out in beachy stars for the summer. 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you all a wonderful day!