Treats for my Sweets

It’s been a quiet day today. A quiet day at home doing all those little things that always seem to need doing. Laundry. Cleaning.  The important stuff, even if it’s not much fun. But in amidst the work, I try to tuck in a little sunshine. Like playing with this sweet vintage Valentine my mother sent to me in the mail today. Arranged with some of my new-found antique treasures and my daughter’s rubber-band ball, I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic for the olden carefree days of childhood.

Did YOU ever receive a Valentine like this?

This particular Valentine is a special treasure. It’s one my mother gave to my father back when they were in grade school together. How adorable that my father kept it. And now after all those years, and 50 years of marriage, my mother has given it to me. So yes, it’s been a cleaning day….

But what a happy cleaning day.

And while we’re on the topic of Valentines, I’ve been working on mine. Hoping this Valentine Bark will win the hearts of my favorite sweethearts.

It looks like Valentine Sweetheart #1 approves.

And I do believe Valentine Sweetheart #2 is smitten.

Definitely smitten.

But what about Valentine Sweetheart #3?

Have I won HER heart?

I think so!