The 31 Days of October- Day 24

Hey everyone!  The countdown has begun.  Halloween is exactly one week away.  Only 7 more days for me to post my Halloween goodies for my 31 days of October.  7 more days for me to get everything in.  7 more days until the Main Event.  8 more days until Halloween gets packed away, and Thanksgiving comes out.  I will not bore you all with attempting to do a 30 days of November spree….don’t have near enough things to blab about in November. But I may torture you all again at Christmas.  We’ll see……………….

I can hear the groans now. 🙂

For today, I have another crafty project ready to share.  We’re having a very dark and gloomy day here, so please forgive the photos.

5_8_08 067

This is my gang o’ skeletons, all glittered up and ready to spook.  I got these wooden guys from my local big box craft store in the seasonal section.  Dressed them in different colored Martha Stewart glitter, and added a simple embellishment to each.  The white skeleton, which actually has glow-in-the-dark glitter, is holding a black cat charm.  The orange fellow has a bat bow tie.  Mr. Black is holding a Halloween banner, and Gouly Green has his own bat.

White Skeletonorange skeleton

I connected the body parts with silver jump rings.  Used a micro-punch to create the tiny holes in their hands to thread fine gauge wire through to hang the charms.  I painted the backsides black to give them a finished look, and added a ribbon loop for hanging.

black skeletongreen skeleton

A simple and fun project that you can whip up in no time.  I’ve hung them on one of my Halloween trees gracing my dining room table this year.

5_8_08 074

5_8_08 075

5_8_08 076

5_8_08 077

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  See you all tomorrow!


The 31 Days of October- Day 23

Good evening everyone!  Happy Friday to you all!  So glad another weekend is rolling around.  I love being able to turn off the alarm clock and just sleep in for a few days.  What bliss.  Especially after my 5:30 am wake up call this morning to get Nik ready for her big rock-mining/gem-panning school field trip to the NC mountains.  She was so excited last night she could hardly get to sleep.    I think I’ll probably go out like a rock tonight. Har Har! 😉

Not much going on crafty-wise these last few days.  Yesterday was a day of errands and today has been mostly a day of cleaning.  I do have a fun glitter Halloween project I’ve been working on that I’m hoping to get done for tomorrow’s post, though.  If I don’t get it done soon, I won’t have time to enjoy it this Halloween.  Can you believe we are down to about a week away now?

I do, however, have some fun photos of Halloween goodness for day 23 of my 31 days of October.  You remember the photos I posted on day 1 of my trio of smiling jack o’lanterns on my front doorstep?  Well here they are tonight, welcoming all passers-by.

5_8_08 234

5_8_08 235

I just love how they look lit up at night.

And here’s a couple other of my favorite lighted pumpkins.

5_8_08 228

Big Jack.  One of my very first Halloween decorations.  This ceramic piece Nik and I painted together at one of those studios when she was just 3.  She painted all the orange part, and I painted the green stem and leaves.  As you can imagine, this guy makes me pretty sentimental.

5_8_08 226

Gordy, the carved gourd.  Mom got him for me for my birthday several years ago.  Don’t you just love how each decoration tells a story?  I think that’s what makes them so special.

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone!  Hope your weekends are off to a great start!

The 31 Days of October- Day 22

Hi everyone!  A new sketch is up at the Sketch This blog for all you sketch fans.

Sketch 93

I simplified the sketch ever so slightly and flipped the placement of one of the elements for my card.

Audrey Sketch #93

This card was fun to make because it sort of came together from a variety of scraps I had laying on my scrap desk, and pieces of an old kit that was down to the dregs.  Patterned paper is SEI and K&Co.  Old tag die cut from My Mind’s Eye.  Die-cut leaf from DCWV.  I traced a leaf onto the back of the shimmer K&Co paper for the larger leaf and edged it with a brown marker.  Cut the owl from the front side of the same paper and popped it on top of a prima flower.  The only thing new is the rub-on greeting from Basic Grey.  I do love making something from nothing!

Audrey Sketch #93detail

And now for a quick Halloween share, here is another of my vintage-inspired decorations.  Love this little pumpkin-headed guy!

5_8_08 213

5_8_08 214

Have a great evening everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

The 31 Days of October- Day 21

What a glorious Fall day we’re having here in NC.  It’s an absolutely picture-perfect day.  We took advantage of this beautiful weather and an early-release day from school to head into Raleigh to visit the State Farmer’s Market.  It’s another of our October family traditions.  We like to go every year at this time to see the huge variety of pumpkins and gourds the farmers bring in.  Each year I see species that I’ve never seen before.  This time I saw some pumpkins that were pale green, lumpy and twisted.  Would have made perfect aliens, I think.

We walked the length of the market and picked up some home-made apple cider, North Carolina peanuts, tomatoes, spinach, and Indian corn.

5_8_08 194

5_8_08 195

5_8_08 199

For all you locals, if you haven’t purchased your Halloween pumpkins yet, I highly suggest a trip to the market.  The prices this year were the lowest I think I’ve ever seen there.  Amazing deals, for sure.

5_8_08 200

Hope you all are having beautiful days in your neck of the woods.  Thanks for stopping by!

The 31 Days of October- Day 20

Hi everyone!  One of the things I love about the month of October, besides Halloween, is all the annual events and traditions my family participates in around this time.  We have our pumpkin patch outings and the gourd farm, Boo’ing and hayrides.  But when you think of October in North Carolina, another tradition that comes to mind is the state fair.  Many people might associate spring or summer with the fair, but for us, Halloween time is carnival time.

5_8_08 125

Look at that beautiful blue sky we had today.  So lucky to have the weather warm up a tad again after the frigid temperatures of this last weekend.

We stopped in the animals barns and saw all the rabbits and chickens.  Walked through the antique farm machinery building (just for you, Dad).  Shopped in the  rotunda of Yesteryear.  Saw a few freaks of nature in the sideshows (yuck),  and even rode a couple of rides.

5_8_08 163

5_8_08 175

The cheesiest of rides was this Haunted Mansion.  But after all…… is Halloween! 🙂

My favorite area was the hobbies and craftsmen booths.  I love to see all the creative things that people have made, especially in the youth categories.  Here’s a photo of one of the “best in show” winners.

5_8_08 182

A cute jack o-lantern gourd and a vest made of soda pull-tops.  I just wonder where people come up with these ideas.  And of course I took a picture of the card-makers display.

5_8_08 183

And for day 20 of my 31 days of October, I have more photos to share.

5_8_08 188

This cool owl necklace was my grandmother’s.  Is that not perfect for Halloween?

5_8_08 190Have a great evening everyone!

The 31 Days of October- Day 19

Evening everyone!  I am so stiff and sore right now as I’m typing this that I’m having a hard time getting my fingers to move.  Nik and I carried out another of our annual Fall traditions this afternoon which has left me in a half crippled state.   Acorn gathering.  We spent 3 hours outside in the cold this afternoon, bent over double, picking up acorns at the park.  We’re gluttons for punishment, but we love it.  This is our 4th year of gathering acorns together, for making crafts and wreaths and decorating our home for the season.  I like to fill up hurricane jars with them, spread them around my dining room table decor, and put them in candle containers.  So many possibilities!  Even though I’ll probably not be able to get out of bed tomorrow, it was worth it!

5_8_08 111

5_8_08 113

Our secret hunting ground from last year was almost completely barren this year.  Such a disappointment to go and find nothing.  But then we headed to our neighborhood park, where the bounty was plentiful.  We filled two buckets completely, and could have had tons more.

5_8_08 1175_8_08 116

Now to just figure out what fun things we can do with them all this year.  Here is the wreath I made from our gatherings last year.

5_8_08 136

Except for the acorns I used on this wreath, all the rest of our collection always goes back outside at the end of the season for the squirrels.  That way, we get to enjoy them for a time, and then the animals get a huge pile to stash away for the winter.

And now I have one more photo to share tonight for my 31 days of October.  This fun plaque hangs in my kitchen and is Peter’s favorite Halloween decoration this year. The humor is right up his 14-year-old alley.

5_8_08 119

Thanks so much for stopping by everyone!

The 31 Days of October- Day 18

Hey everyone!  Today the kids and I did one of our favorite Halloween traditions, Boo’ing your neighbor.  For those of you who have never heard of this game, the idea behind Boo’ing is simple and fun.  Make up a couple of Halloween goodie/treat bags, pick out some neighbors to boo, place the bag at their doorstep, ring their doorbell, and run like the devil.  Adventurous types Boo their neighbors in the daytime or early evening, as it increased the possibility of getting caught.  We tend to wait until the cover of dark. 😉

As you can imagine, this is Peter’s favorite Halloween activity.  This is the only sanctioned time the boy is allowed to “ding-dong ditch” the neighbors, and he really makes the most of it.  I get such a kick out of watching the kiddos pick out their intended target, slink up to the door, plan their escape route, coordinate their attack, and carry out their mission.  It is over all too soon.

Any type of treat and or goody bag is acceptable.  Nik and I try to put together a combo of small toys, stickers, or tattoos with a bit of candy. The Dollar Store is the perfect outlet for this.

5_8_08 107

5_8_08 108

5_8_08 109

With each goody bag, you need to include a Boo banner.  If you would like to start this tradition in your own neighborhood, here is a website that will get you on your way with free downloads and instructions.

Once it was good and dark out, the kiddos were busting out their best ninja moves.  They made me promise to not tell which neighbors we hit… don’t even pester me……..I won’t spill the beans.

5_8_08 110
Thanks for stopping by and sharing my 31 days of October!