2018 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Day 3

Hello my Spooky Spooks! Welcome to day three of my annual Halloween haunted house tour! Only a few days left until the trick or treaters come ringing the doorbell… and I still have so much to share. So without any further ado, let’s get on with the show! Today, let’s take a stroll around the living room.

A couple of years ago, I hit upon a theme for my living room mantel that I really love. And since then, I keep returning to that look, with minor variations. Here on the mantel are some of my most treasured Halloween pieces, artwork from my kiddos. They will always take front and center for me.

I’m sure these silly specters are familiar to you by now. The framed skeleton drawing in chalk pastels done by wee Pete. And the cocktail and pastel eye drawings done by my Missy Nik. They truly set the scene each year. A scene of skeletal bones and eyeballs.

And while the mantel remains steadfast, I did experiment with new designs in the rest of the room. My handmade skeleton is hanging out on the hearth.

And my vintage laundry cart, which normally lives in the sunroom, has made an appearance in here.

And brand new in 2018 is an entirely new scene, built around the back console. I hope you enjoy!

Only four more days until Halloween! Are YOU ready?


2018 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Day 1

Hello dear spooks! Guess what time it is? We’re almost halfway through October already, and you know what that means…. it’s time for my annual Halloween Haunted House Tour!

Hurricane Michael came through my area this week. Fortunately by the time it reached Carolina, most of the damaging wind and rain had lessened significantly. But we still got plenty wet, and as we haven’t really had a chance to dry out from Florence, this storm hit us just a wee bit harder.

We’re still pretty soggy, but things are getting back to normal. I lost power for about fourteen hours, but that is a small price to pay for what it could have been. Power is back on today, and it is a beautiful sunny day out there. Perfect chance to take some tour photos. Most of the house is still quite dark. But the dining room is nice and bright right now. So let’s start there.

I know most of you have toured for many years with me by now. And I’m not sure how different things look this year. But there’s always a few new additions and tweaks here and there… and my mom would never forgive me if I didn’t share. 😀

I will mostly let the photos do the talking, but if you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comments. As always, my dishes on my antique sideboard are a mix of vintage transferware pieces and ironstone. Of course I pull out the black patterns for Halloween. Also on the sideboard are most of my collection of spooky bones, skulls, and skeletons, as well as my beloved Lori Mitchell collection. Nothing too spooky. I don’t want to get the creeps!
Enjoy the tour!

You can see what a beautiful sunny day it is here today. Almost like the storm never came through. Hope it’s a fabulous fall day in your nook of the woods, too.
Thanks so much for stopping by!

AudOnes Prims Fall 2018 Shop Update

Happy Monday, crafty friends, and happy October to you!  My most favorite month of the year! Time for fall leaves and hay rides and spooks of all kinds. And today, I am so very excited to be able to say, it’s time for the opening of my AudOnes Prims Fall 2018 Shop, too. A bit later than I would have liked. But better late than never!

This year’s shop update is definitely small. More of what I would call a “mini collection”. And you may notice a bit of a theme this fall….

A polka dotty spotty theme in both black and orange, with pumpkins both big and small. Because what’s fall without pumpkin everything, right?

Unfortunately, quantities are quite limited, so if you see anything you like, you might want to pop right over to the shop and check it out.

AudOnes Prims Fall Shop
(click HERE to shop)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!




Happy Easter

Popping in today to wish my friends and family who celebrate, a very happy Easter!
May your house be filled with the blessings of the day, and hope the Easter Bunny brings you a wee bit of chocolate, too!

As you all know by now, it wouldn’t be much of a holiday at my house without a little seasonal decor. So in honor of this special day, here’s a peek at some of my spring things.

The dining room sideboard is once again filled with vintage ironstone and my favorite transferware dishes. This time, the plates are a combo of Johnson Brothers Friendly Village with some no-name pattern that I like to call “My Happy Place”. I think I would transport myself to that sweet farm house in a heartbeat if I could.

Of course I’ve managed to sneak in a few of my handmade things. Chicks in nests and Old Mother Goose, and some twine-wrapped eggs, too.

For my front entryway table, I went for a very simple and natural look.

White and green, bunnies and chickens, and a few nests, too.

A few more handmade cuties are tucked here and there.

My chocolate bunnies and vintage crepe paper eggs. My new Lori Mitchell figurine I managed to score for a song this year. My mom gave me this amazing antique wooden scoop at Christmas, and I love it for creating a little scene.

The wee bunny in the wire basket is a new guy I made this year at one of my weekly crafty play dates with the girls. The mushrooms are another project we tackled this month, too. Our first attempt at spun cotton. Hope to try that again soon.

It’s so hard to believe that Easter is here already. The year just flies by so quickly, don’t you think? Of course now I’m already thinking ahead to the next thing. I should really get started on crafting some summer things. And my sweet little missy Nik’s 20th birthday is this upcoming week. So lots to do, and lots to celebrate.

But before I move too far forward, I have one last spring bunny to share with you. A custom order I’ve been working on. From my little Easter Bunny to yours, wishing you all a very wonderful day!

Fabric Friday- A Fairy House Pillow Tuck

I know many of my paper peeps out there can relate when I say that I have a pretty big stash of paper scraps that I have a hard time throwing away. And just like my mountain of paper scraps, I tend to collect, and keep, and hoard my fabric scraps, too. Because you just never know when that tiny sliver of fabric may come in handy!

You may remember this orange ticking print that I used recently on those shabby fabric carrots in my spring shop. After cutting all of those, I was left with quite a few scraps… too small for anything new, but too pretty to end up in the bin. So I challenged myself to find something to do with them…. and the other ten gazillion scraps I have lying around. And I came up with these. Sweet little fairy house pillow tucks.

I very much enjoy adding stitching to my projects, so I created a small fairy scene from a variety of bright and happy fabric prints, and embellished it with hand-embroidered details. The raw-edged applique gives that lovely frayed shabby look I love so well.

Of course, I barely made a dent in my mountain of fabric scraps, but I was pleased with some of the teensy details I was able to squeeze out of the tiniest of pieces. My clunky fingers could barely hold onto the center of those flowers, but I did it. So I’m calling that a win… even if I still have a ton of scraps to go!

I’ve added both of these pillow tucks to my shop page, and you can find them here if you’d like to take them home. Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you all a super fabulous weekend!




Spring Preview- Fresh Produce

Hi friends, happy Wednesday! I’m back today with another sneak peek from my new spring shop goodies. These mischievous guys have been caught red-handed out in the garden, filling their pockets full of fresh produce. Naughty bunnies!

Is it spring in your neck of the woods yet? Our temperatures soared into the mid 70’s last week, but we’ve dipped way down into the gloomy chill again. Looks like March will come in like a lion this year. Even so, I’m taking down the winter snowmen this week. Time for bunnies, don’t you think?

If you’re ready for spring things, too, stay tuned for my upcoming shop opening.
AudOnes Prims Spring Shop
opens Friday, March 2 @ 10:00 EST

Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you all a wonderful day!