2020 Summer Home Tour- The Late Summer Dining Room

Hello, friends, happy Saturday! Hope your September is off to a great start! Today I have another home tour to share with you. I don’t usually change out my decor between the patriotic red, white, and blue of summer to the fall Halloween extravaganza. But this year I tried something new, and created a late summer arrangement in my dining room.

As most of you know by now, I love my vintage ironstone and transferware dishes. Although I rotate my pieces out, most of them get at least a little bit of attention throughout the year. My brown and polychrome dishes are my favorite, followed by the red and blue. But it hit me that I have just a couple of green transferware pieces that never get used. And that’s what spurred this late summer display.

I think I’ve mentioned that my parents both grew up on farms, so I have a definite soft spot for country scenes. Here I’ve mixed my polychrome “happy place” dishes with green and yellow nature elements that make me think of the end of summer…. golden flowers, bumblebees buzzing, and sweet corn growing.

I’ve had that Shawnee vintage corn sugar bowl forever, but have never used it in display. Works so perfectly with the corn cob bowl fillers I made for my shop, and the happy birds and bees I tried to work in here and there. My aunt’s family raised hogs and grew corn, and I fondly remember driving past miles and miles of cornfields when we’d visit their place. That old saying about corn being “knee high by the 4th of July” always sticks in my head. So surely it’s a late summer thing.

I filled the antique tray on my table with more golden things. Flowers and pottery and stacks of linens.

Of course I like to mix in some handmade, too. The silly dolly was one I made for my shop several years ago. Maybe some of you remember little Brown-Eyed Sue? And the mushroom stitching in the round embroidery hoop is embroidery that my wee Missy Nik (who’s not so wee anymore) made this summer. Her very first stitched piece ever. She drew the pattern herself. How cool is that?

I’m so glad I tried something new this year.

But as much as I’ve enjoyed it…. it’s time for fall. I’m ready for it. How about you?

4 thoughts on “2020 Summer Home Tour- The Late Summer Dining Room

  1. Love your home tours, Audrey! You are so creative and it’s a joy to see you celebrating the seasons. Thanks for sharing and stay healthy!

  2. Love it! The corn prices are neat too. So ready for Fall. We had crisp, cool mornings the last two days and I’m loving it.

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