2020 Summer Home Tour- Part IV The Entryway

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome to the last stop on my 2020 Summer Home Tour. August is quickly winding to a close, and with that, the end of summer is near. Shortly, I’ll be switching out the beachy and Americana decor for autumn and Halloween. But not before sharing with you this last summer spot…… my front entryway done up in an ocean nautical theme.

My front entryway table has a definite red, white, and blue vibe, and in my head, I’ve been thinking of it as an east coast meets west coast design. The table top is all east coast, with red geraniums that are the epitome of summer here in the southeast and a beach house reminiscent of some of my favorite local coastal homes.

The house is one of those light-up cottages from Dept. 56, and I really love having that little bit of nightlight in the evening hours. I stacked the house on some vintage books, which always make me happy. I have loved books my whole life, and always try to work them into my decor.

The tall Longaberger basket is filled with a few vintage dishes and antique wooden spools, and I filled in the nooks with shells and branches that I gathered on a trip to Key West several years ago.

More Key West shells, antique glass insulators, wood-carved sailors, and a wee wooden boat finish the east coast design.

Anyone who’s ever made a trip to San Francisco will recognize the west coast feel of the bottom half of my entryway table, with the buoys, shells, and crab so indicative of Fisherman’s Wharf…..my old stomping grounds.

I love stuffing this basket that I keep on the bottom shelf slap full, and my summer scene is no different. Besides the wooden buoys and crab, I’ve added another pair of wooden sailors, vintage linens and enamelware lids, a wooden starfish, and lots of shells, sand dollars, and bits of coral collected over the years.

Down from the entryway table is my vintage credenza, and there I’ve added just a few more nautical things. This wooden tray is actually a vintage cabbage slicer, and it’s got a massive cutting blade in the middle to prove it. I layered the slicer with more shells and star fish, a pair of tall wooden boxes, another wooden sailor, and a super cool whale figurine by Jim Shore.

At the other end of the credenza is a small scene with another wooden sailor, a fish carved from stone, and a beach picture I made with my friends during one of our crafty play days. It was my first attempt at wood-burning….. and so far, my last.

The final spot in my entryway is this black wooden bench nestled against the stairs. This area is filled with enamelware buckets and metal shopping baskets. Perfect containers to cram full of stuff.

This side holds a jumbo wooden fish and one of my vintage hammered aluminum pieces. The divided box is a papercraft project that I made many years ago. And the painted fish rock and ceramic octopus are some of my daughter’s hand crafts. Absolute treasures to me.

The other side holds more fish, both wooden and ceramic, large and small, and more hammered aluminum. The mermaid dollies are my own silly creations, and to date are probably some of my absolute favorites. I don’t keep a lot of the things I make…. but these I love.

I don’t let any decorating space go to waste, so even the underside of the bench gets some beachy things.

That wraps up my summer home tour for 2020! I hope you enjoyed! I’ll be back with more decorating soon, as I’ve got a new late-summer/early-fall dining room display to share before all the spooks of Halloween begin.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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