2020 Summer Home Tour- Part III The Sunroom

Happy Saturday, friends! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! Today I’m continuing on with my 2020 summer home tour. This time, we’ll peek into my sunroom.

I always think of my decorating as being rather eclectic, and I’m definitely embracing a mish-mash style in the sunroom this year. It’s a bit patriotic, with Americana touches…

…but I’m also throwing some other summer vibes in the decor this year, too.

Like these sweet prim bumblebees all tucked into a basket. And still some of my cross-stitch pillow tucks I made this spring. I’ve been enjoying them too much to put away. So out they stay.

In June, the shop where I work got in some adorable lemon picks and bowl fillers, and I couldn’t resist bringing some home. At first I thought they should be put away until next spring, but then I decided why not mix them into the summer decor?

That silly Uncle Sam doll is one of my most favorite prims I’ve ever made. The little Sam to his right was made by my Missy Nik, so of course he steals the show. They were a project from several years back during my crafty play days phase.

I added the faux lemons to this wire basket, and filled around the table with other yellow things. Some of my precious Lori Mitchell figurines. A quirky sailor duck bobble-head. And my own summer sweet corn tucks that are still listed in my AudOnes Shop.

More Americana tucked all around my favorite chair.

Lots of red, white, and blue filling my vintage laundry cart, antique earthenware crock, and vintage apple basket.

And of course, my Finley Boo, always keeping his eye on the goings-on.

I finished another cross-stitch piece last month. A nautical stitch that I absolutely adore. I don’t have enough sticky board right now to fully finish the framing, so for now, this will do.

Go Wolfpack! Nik will be a senior at NCSU this year. Can you believe that?

Hand-painted log firecrackers…. another project from by-gone crafty play days. And more of my beloved Lori Mitchell figures.

As I mentioned, a real mish-mash of summer pieces in my sunroom this year. But there’s no rules when it comes to decorating. Just follow your heart and enjoy what you love. ❤

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have an amazing weekend, friends!


4 thoughts on “2020 Summer Home Tour- Part III The Sunroom

  1. Beautiful decorations, Audrey!! Love the prim bubble bees, Uncle Sams, flag on the chair, fire crackers, and stars!! And, the pup is adorable, so cute!! Hope you’re having a great weekend!!

  2. You really have an eye for putting things together, Audrey! It must be a delight to live in your house! Finley is one handsome boy! I love your handmade prims. I don’t remember seeing the bumble bees before. Your cross stitch work is beautiful. I have to go back and check the links you shared. I would like to order a kit for the small pillows as I wouldn’t know what I would need to but separately. Is there a place for kits that you recommend?

    • Thank you, Patty! I do hope you’ll give cross stitch a try. I don’t know that much about kits… and I haven’t really seen any for the small pillow tucks. Fat Quarter Shop does sell some kits in the cross stitch section, so you might want to check there. I’ve also ordered online at 123Stitch.com and Fire Poppies. The key thing to look out for in a kit is the type of fabric they include, as it could be linen or it could be Aida… and linen can be quite difficult to stitch on, especially in the higher counts. What I did for my first stitch was to figure out what type of fabric I wanted to use… and I went with the easiest for me which is 14 count Aida. Then I picked one chart to stitch. The charts will list the colors of floss that you need, so I ordered just what I needed for that one chart. It was much less overwhelming to just focus on one project from start to finish. Hope that helps some!

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