2018 Halloween Haunted House Tour- The Finale

This is it, everyone….. the big day is finally here! It’s Halloween! And time to wrap up this year’s Halloween Haunted House Tour. The last stop on the tour is back at the beginning of the house with the front entryway.

Without really planning on it, the entryway took on a distinct theme this year of black cats and pumpkin heads. Once I started arranging, I was a bit surprise at how many particular guys of that nature I seem to have. I guess I truly have a “thing” for black cats and pumpkins.

It makes sense when I really think on it, because back in my early college days I had a black cat. And I’m sure that particular love has carried on all these years. And geez, who doesn’t like pumpkins? They are just so jolly and sweet.

There’s lots of photos of the details, and I’ll let you all look around.

Black cats and pumpkin heads under the table, too…

And if that wasn’t enough, more spilled over onto my bench below the staircase, too.

I think we can all agree, right? I definitely have a “thing” going on…. but I’m okay with that.

Well, that’s it for this year! Boy, Halloween sure creeps up fast. Here today, and gone tomorrow. And the ironic thing is, we’re decorating the shop for Christmas at work today. Our holiday open house is this Thursday, already. Ah, the life of retail.

Hope your Halloween day is filled with not-so-scary spooks and the sweetest little trick or treaters ever! And thanks for sharing another haunted house tour with me here this year. You all are the best!


7 thoughts on “2018 Halloween Haunted House Tour- The Finale

  1. What a wonderful assortment of Halloween fare you have, Audrey! I love those fabric pumpkins in the wire basket on the table by the stairs. And I really haven’t spotted any spiders! I think you should do a post on where you store all this when you put it away! lol Happy Halloween, my friend!

  2. Oh, my! How wonderful! I enjoyed every table top, basket and amazing Halloween critter. I’ve got to make some of those huge bottle brush trees that are Halloween colors. So glad you shared your awesome decorations and Happy Halloween to you!

  3. Love all the pumpkins, black cats, and huge black bird in the white pot- so unique! Thanks so much for sharing your Halloween photos, Audrey!!! Happy Halloween!!

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