2018 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Day 3

Hello my Spooky Spooks! Welcome to day three of my annual Halloween haunted house tour! Only a few days left until the trick or treaters come ringing the doorbell… and I still have so much to share. So without any further ado, let’s get on with the show! Today, let’s take a stroll around the living room.

A couple of years ago, I hit upon a theme for my living room mantel that I really love. And since then, I keep returning to that look, with minor variations. Here on the mantel are some of my most treasured Halloween pieces, artwork from my kiddos. They will always take front and center for me.

I’m sure these silly specters are familiar to you by now. The framed skeleton drawing in chalk pastels done by wee Pete. And the cocktail and pastel eye drawings done by my Missy Nik. They truly set the scene each year. A scene of skeletal bones and eyeballs.

And while the mantel remains steadfast, I did experiment with new designs in the rest of the room. My handmade skeleton is hanging out on the hearth.

And my vintage laundry cart, which normally lives in the sunroom, has made an appearance in here.

And brand new in 2018 is an entirely new scene, built around the back console. I hope you enjoy!

Only four more days until Halloween! Are YOU ready?

8 thoughts on “2018 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Day 3

  1. You are definitely ready for Halloween, Audrey! And, all your decorations are full of spooky fun! Wonderful skeletons…even purple sparkly ones…so cute! An orange haunted house caught my eye, too! Thanks so much for sharing your Halloween photos with us! Take care and Happy Halloween!!🎃

    • Thanks, Patty! No, I didn’t make the spooky house. It’s one of those Putz-style houses made of chipboard and glittered. A treasure that my mom found for me. ❤

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