2017 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Day 3

Hi Friends, and welcome to day three of my annual Halloween haunted house tour! So far, we’ve peeked into my eerie entry and deadly dining room, and today I thought we’d step into the lurid living room and gaze upon my morbid mantel.

As usual, I have lots of photos to share. So let’s dive right into it! I hope you enjoy the tour!

Next week we’ll wrap things up with my spooky sunroom, the last stop on this year’s tour. Just in time for the real spooks to arrive! Until then, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


9 thoughts on “2017 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Day 3

  1. You really should open your house for holiday tours, Audrey. You could be making a lot of money! You have so many unique items. I do hope you will also share photos of your Halloween luncheon. Do you girls still do a home competition?

  2. Oh, lots of spooky fun at your house, Audrey!! Love how you arranged the skeletons! Awesome bowl of eye balls! And, the bat hanging from the mantel is too cute! Thanks so much for sharing the Halloween fun with us!!

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