Miss Sunflower Bunny at AudOnes Prims

Hello Sweet Friends! Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are all having a good week! It’s been a very nice one so far here at our house, I must say. Just one more day until my Missy Nik turns 19, (which seriously, I have such a hard time believing) and we are making the most out of it with some special fun…. a day trip out to our favorite local lake, eating out, and yesterday we went to see Beauty and the Beast. Which truly was just amazing. I don’t often get to spend so much time with her these days, and soon she is heading off to college. So you know this old mom is on cloud 9 right now.

Speaking of beasts, I have a new very prim and very sweet one to share with you today. This is Miss Sunflower. She’s been keeping me quite busy over the last several days, but she was worth it. I really love how she turned out with that shabby little dress and pinny, made from some favorite prints in gingham and calico. And look at her flowers! She’s quite the gardener, isn’t she?

I have a small stash of real vintage millinery flowers that I absolutely treasure and adore, and thought this sweet yellow velvet combo was the perfect finishing touch for Miss Sunflower’s old tin watering can. She does make me smile. Hope she does you, too!

Miss Sunflower Bunny has just been listed in my AudOnes Prims shop, in case you are interested in taking her home!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you all a very wonderful day!


14 thoughts on “Miss Sunflower Bunny at AudOnes Prims

  1. AHHHHHH!!!! I missed her!!! She’s absolutely adorable! (My goose is lonely, so if she happens to have s sister in the offing, do let me know!) 😁

  2. Aaaw, Miss Sunflower bunny is adorable! I love the fun little printed material and adorable flower pot. I went right to the store to check her out…and darn, already sold! So cute!
    So glad you had a wonderful day with your daughter…those times are special! Good luck to her when she is off to college. A big change for all, hehe! Hang in there!
    Sherrie k

  3. OMG Audrey your MIss SAunflower is ADOIRABLE! I love her dress; brilliant! Soak up evey minute and enjoy spending time with your daughter. Time flies…..have fun together!

  4. My typing is horrible…I meant:
    OMG Audrey your MIss Sunflower is ADORABLE! I love her dress; brilliant! Soak up evey minute and enjoy spending time with your daughter. Time flies…..

  5. Oh, your Miss Sunflower is adorable, Audrey!! Love her pretty dress and the pot of flowers! I see that she sold fast! Enjoy time with your daughter, take care!!

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