A Grateful Heart with Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements

Hi Sweet Crafty Friends!

It is with a very grateful heart that I sit down to write this post today. Grateful that my colonoscopy is now OVER. Grateful that the results were negative and that I don’t have to do that again for another ten years. But mostly, SO grateful for all of your sweet comments and concern!

Sharing one of my shabby sweet sewing projects today. A very grateful heart, made with my latest crafty obsession, Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements fabric.

You may remember some similar vintage hearts that I made recently for my shop, right? This little cutie is made from all of the leftovers from that project. A little pile of crafty goodness that I couldn’t force myself to throw away. Just random shapes and sizes, curved edges and straight. All too pretty to go in the trash. Maybe it’s just me. But I cannot bare to let a single thread of this beautiful fabric go to waste. The solution? A bit of shabby patchwork, wonky style.

I really love how this turned out, with a bit of an overlap here, a bit of a bare patch there. Imperfect and shabby…. just how I like it. Topped with a few of my treasured vintage pearl buttons and velvet millinery pieces. And a hand-stamped banner flag, too.

Thanks so much for stopping by! And thank you all for your well-wishes! I am truly grateful for all of YOU!


12 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart with Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements

  1. Love this! I really am going to have to buy this fabric. I keep holding out because of my already fairly large stash, but I love all the subtle pattern! Glad the colonoscopy ended well. 🙂

  2. “precious” is the first word that came to my mind after seeing that darling heart Audrey!
    Bravo, it is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  3. This is so sweet and lovely. I think it’s one my favorite of your projects! Love those pink velvet buds. They give such a soft touch and really bring out the vintage style.

  4. I am so happy to hear that it all went well! Such a relief! Your shabby heart is pure eye candy. Shabby but not too much: it has a touch of timeless elegance that I LOVE. A keepsake for sure!

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