2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Finale

2016-halloween-haunted-houseHello, Friends!

Happy Halloween to all my favorite spooks and goblins! So of course today is the holiday, and as per usual with me, I’ve gone right down to the wire with preparations…. but I am finally ready for the day. My Little Missy Nik and I spent the day yesterday running around last minute searching for pumpkins, which ended up being quite the task. After 6 stops, we ended up coming home with two free pumpkins, and a dancing skeleton strobe light we happened upon at Home Depot. I’d say that’s pretty lucky.

So now, pumpkins are carved, candy bowls are full, and happy skeletons are dancing across my garage doors. All that’s left to do is to finish my 2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour. So let’s get to it!

Today’s stop is my front entryway table and bench. The first spot that greets visitors.

The large basket below my entryway table is the perfect spot for piling and tucking lots of my favorite things. If you don’t have a ton of space, this is a great way to make a simple group arrangement, and is so quick and easy to change out for different holidays.

The entry table is small, but packs a big punch. I always keep it decorated for the seasons. Even if I don’t have too many pieces for each holiday, it’s not too hard to find enough for this tiny space.

Do you spy my sweet pup? She never strays too far from my side.

A few more of my beloved Lori Mitchell figurines. And my favorite vintage-inspired pumpkinhead doll.

An old milk jug, filled with Halloween branches and picks. And a treasured piece of art work that came home from school many years ago featuring a pair of my most favorite itty bitty feet.

And next to my entryway table, nestled against the base of the stairs, is my front bench. Another perfect spot for decorating.

Of course both the top and bottom need some friends.

More baskets and trays to fill and stuff.

You may recognize some of these prims from my Fall Shop this year. Here is my Hoot Owl and Ghosties… and some spooky skulls as well.


P.S.- today is the last day of my 2016 Fall Shop, and there are still a few little prims in need of a new home, in case you are interested.

And that, my friends, wraps up Halloween for this year! Thank you all so much for joining me on the tour once again! I hope you enjoyed! ❤

Happy Haunting!

10 thoughts on “2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Finale

  1. Oh, how I love these tours. You have such a knack for holiday decorating! A few of my faves…footprint ghosts (of course), candy corn bristle trees, and that sparkly cat at the end (and I’m not usually of fan of cats, but that one is adorable and I assume you made it). Thanks for letting us in!

  2. I think there’s a black cat in everyone of those photos. LOL Not really but there are lots of the spooky critters and their ghoulish friends. Lots of fun as always Audrey. Hugs!

  3. Super fun! LOVE all the pumpkins and those baskets full of fabulous creatures!
    Hope you had a fun Halloween! I’ve really enjoyed your tours! 🙂

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