2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Cont.

2016-halloween-haunted-houseHi everyone, and welcome back to day three of my annual Halloween Haunted House Tour. It’s exactly one week until Halloween, and we still have two stops left on the tour… So let’s get started!
Today I thought we would visit the dining room.


As always, I’ve filled my dining room antique sideboard with my usual mix of crisp white vintage ironstone with my collection of antique transferware dishes. I’ve got transferware in almost every color….but of course at Halloween, I pull out my black.

And scattered throughout are some of my favorite Halloween pieces. Lots of skulls, and a few handmade treasures. And then there’s my beloved Lori Mitchell figures.

I have an old funky junk egg basket at the foot of my sideboard, which is a great spot to tuck in a few pumpkins and prims.

The diner menu sign was something I picked up at the dollar store many years ago. Just an inexpensive little trinket… but it does make me smile.

Little Boo here in the front was my very first Lori Mitchell figurine. The one that started it all.Ā  You can tell by the expression on her face that she’s realized the trouble that she has caused!

A close up of some of my skulls and handmade treasures. A cardboard ghost that I made at one craft day several years ago. And a wee prim bat that my Missy Nik made at another.

And a few more details to enjoy.


Nik and I made the little zombie figures at craft day, too, from spools and wire, sculpey clay and painted acorns. The wire tree is a recent find from my local junk store.

More figures.
More skulls.

And lots of Halloween fun.

If you missed day one and two of my tour, you can find them here and here. And we’ll finish up next Monday, just in time for Halloween!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

15 thoughts on “2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour- Cont.

  1. Awesome display of Halloween spookiness, Audrey!!! Love the pumpkin and are those owls on the table? Love them!! Of course, I must say your Lori Mitchell figures are true treasures…so sweet!! Love the transferware, prims, and all the goodies…well done!! Thanks so much for sharing your Halloween Haunted House Tour every year…so fun!!!

  2. The tour through your Halloween goodies has been so much fun! Such adorable decorations – must be awesome to walk through your house and see these during spooky season!

  3. Your house is magaine-worthy. You really are a FABULOUS interior decorator! I love love love that Little Boo. She’s sooooo cute. Infact alle these little creatures are. Such a fun post to see and read!

  4. My my, you have such a collection of figurines! And they are so cute! It would be awesome to see your place in person! šŸ™‚

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