2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour II

Hello Friends! Happy Monday!

Welcome back to day two of my 2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour. Today I thought we’d pick up where we left off last week, and head into my haunted sunroom.

The sunroom is probably my most favorite room in my house because of all the light that streams in through two solid walls of windows. Here I’ve got a pair of comfy reading chairs that are perfect for perching and taking in all the spooky spooks.

This year I’ve got a bit of a theme going in the sunroom…. black cats, and lots of them. They are pretty much everywhere, starting on the feather wreath on the back deck door, and winding all throughout the room.

I’ve got black cat ornaments on my tinsel tree. Another pulling a pumpkin sled. And another one taking a ride in the back. And that’s just the beginning.

I haven’t stopped to count how many cats are actually here, but I think it’s now fairly official. I have become a crazy cat lady! I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

In other spooky spots, there are some haunted mansions in the window frame. The mobile is this year’s Halloween card from my sweet mom. She always finds the most unique cards ever.

My vintage laundry cart is filled with pumpkins and prims.

More black cats, of course. And there’s Mimsie the Mummy from my fall shop last year.


My Missy Nik made those kleenex ghosties when she was wee little, and nostalgic me….  I saved them. Such a perfect way to spook up a tiny Halloween tree and bring back lots of happy memories.

Cats in baskets.

And cats in trees. And of course a witch needs a good cat companion, too.

And we’ll top it off with a pumpkin or two.

Here’s a good stop for today, at the door near the dining room entrance. We’ll pick up here next time.
And until then…
Happy Haunting!


13 thoughts on “2016 Halloween Haunted House Tour II

  1. Your house looks delightful! I’m so bad about decorating for the seasons. Usually get up a wreath and a couple of little things but then sometimes not! Do better at Christmas but not like I did when the kids were little!

  2. I always LOVE seeing your spooky tour, Audrey!!! Wonderful black cats and awesome witch!! The mobile from your Mom is scary fun! Mummy and all the sweet pumpkins, too! Oh, what a delight to see all your Halloween goodies today!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great week!!

  3. Wow, your sun room looks amazing and so festive! I love all the wonderful decorations….can you come decorate my house? LOL! GREAT job!
    Sherrie K

  4. Oh my! More?! Halloween Trees? YES! YES! and YES!
    Your home is even more beautiful than a high end magazine!
    BRAVO Audrey!

  5. Haha…love the cats in the basket and all the pumpkins! LOVE your sense of humour! Your home needs to be featured in a magazine! Lots of fabulousness!

  6. Love it all! I have that same laundry basket, I use it for laundry but I might have to find another means to hold my dirty clothes during Halloween, great idea. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

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