What a Tangled Web

Hello Crafty Friends! Happy Friday!

It’s a rainy and gloomy day here today. Just the start, I’m afraid, of hurricane Matthew making it’s way up the southeastern coastline. The forecasters are predicting heavy rain for us, with the possibility of flooding and power outages…. but that’s nothing to what many will see in the next few days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, friends! Hope all of you in the path of this storm stay safe and sound!

After a couple of days of Christmas projects, I’m getting back to some Halloween today and one of my favorites. Hand stitching. And an altered Halloween frame.

Several months ago, I scored a batch of simple wooden frames at my local junk shop that were just calling for some stitchy projects. Of course, loving Halloween as much as I do, I couldn’t resist starting with some spooks. So I sketched out a little Halloween scene, complete with spiderweb and spiders and a witch’s hat, too. And then had fun with paints, ink, and floss.

I’ve tried inking my fabric before, but thought this time I’d mix it with paint to add color and detail to the scene. The hat and web were stitched, and then painted. I added tiny lines to the web, and even tinier eyes to the spiders. The yellow background glow is painted, too… a perfect resist for the ink I added next. I’m not going to win any drawing competitions, but I sure had fun combining my love for stitching with my love for ink and paint. My own mixed media approach to traditional embroidery.

Well… maybe not too traditional with the witch apparel and spiders! πŸ˜€

I’ve added this spooky sweet Halloween frame to my Fall Shop, in case you’d like to take it home.

And stay safe, all you East Coasters! Thanks for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “What a Tangled Web

    • Awesome Halloween project, Audrey!! Love the witch hat and spider web! And, the background is so pretty yet…spooky, too!!:)

  1. This is adorable! Stay safe! I have a daughter and grandkids in Georgia that I’m keeping tabs on!

  2. LOVE this! That painted background looks fantastic – loving the colors and the homespun feel.
    Someone beat me to it!
    I hope you stay safe and dry!

  3. I love this! The way you painted the background makes it look like it’s glowing! Fabulous spider web and witch’s hat on here!
    Hoping that you and your family are safe and came out ok from hurricane Matthew.

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