Spooky Town Pumpkin Stacks with Therm O Web

Hello Sweet Crafty Friends!

It’s a happy week when the team at Therm O Web gets to swap products with some of our favorite fabric companies. This week, I am super excited that we have joined forces with the gang at Blend Fabrics. If you’re looking for sewing, quilting, or home decor ideas, be sure to stop by. The designers have lots of fun fabric projects and tutorials to share with you.

audreypettit-thermoweb-blendfabric-pumpkinstackBlend Fabrics has an amazing new line up of fall and holiday fabric collections. But you all know me. I couldn’t resist this adorable Halloween Spooky Town line by one of my favorite artists, Cori Dantini. No big surprise there, right?

audreypettit-thermoweb-blendfabric-pumpkinstack2When I was at the Rusty Bucket last week, I noticed they had some prim pumpkin stacks for sale that really caught my eye. So for my project, I decided to try my hand at some of my own.

audreypettit-thermoweb-blendfabric-pumpkinstack3I have a wee bit of a “thing” for pumpkins, so these plushie towers really make me smile. Such bright, happy fabric.  And of course I threw in my own rustic touches. Stick stems and wool felt leaves. And torn fabric strips in a big puffy bow.

I could see these stacked into even taller towers. Or they would be sweet individually, too. I’ve got the full step-by-step tutorial up on the Therm O Web blog, if you’d like to learn more.

And you can find these cutie pie pumpkin stacks listed in my Fall Shop.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “Spooky Town Pumpkin Stacks with Therm O Web

  1. Oh my Audrey!
    I just love these sweets stacks of pumpkins!
    You have the BEST ideas and YOU know how to turn them into wonderful creations!

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