Whoooo Loves You?

Happy Monday, Crafty Friends! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Last week, I had mentioned that it was my dear friend, Paige’s, big 50th birthday. Now 50 is a pretty big deal, and that calls for a special celebration. So this weekend, Joanne and I had tons of fun throwing a birthday bash for her.

AudreyPettit RaggedyOwl
Now Joanne is the ultimate party planner, so of course our little gathering had to have a theme. Since Paige loves owls a lot, and we had just recently finished crafting up some silly raggedy owls at our weekly crafty play dates, we went with that.

Owl appetizers
an Owl cake
and Owl party decor

Here is my little raggedy guy, finished up just in time to make a guest appearance at the party.

AudreyPettit RaggedyOwl2
The girls and I have been pinning fancy owl projects for the longest time, and this past month we finally decided to tackle one. It was a big project that took several weeks, but I’m so glad we finally took the plunge. My guy is a compilation of several ideas from my board, which I’ll link you to, in case you’d like to peek. No big surprise I went with colors in my favorite neutral color palette. Lots of greys and browns…. just like my wardrobe. Ha

AudreyPettit RaggedyOwl3
I used a bit of the Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements fabric I’ve been hoarding, along with lots of recycled remnants from my stash. The eyes are acorn caps. I do love mixing in a bit of nature where I can. I had some wool roving passed down to me from a knitter friend that I used for the ear tufts. And my own Missy Nik fashioned the wire armature for the feet for me. So a true compilation here. And a true work of heart.

Paige took pictures with her cell phone, so I will leave you with a few photos of the party spread.

owlappetizercold cuts and cheese owl platter

owlcheeseballowl cheeseball

owldecorowl decor

owlpartyspreadthe spread

owlcakeand the owl cake

Thanks so much for stopping by, Friends! Wishing you all a wonderful day!



13 thoughts on “Whoooo Loves You?

  1. Whoooo…let the owls out??!! LOL!!! Oh, my!!! I just love all the owls! My friend, Nancy and I love collecting owls!! Just LOVE your fabric owl and all the food shaped to look like an owl!!! I’m sure Paige had a wonderful 50th birthday celebration! A big Happy 50th Birthday to her…how fun!!!

  2. Okay, Wow! Your owl is adorable (love those ear tufts, by the way). I’m totally in love with the eyelids – how smart! What a wonderful birthday celebration for your friend. I’m sure she was owfully (groan) impressed…

  3. I am so impressed Audrey!
    Your Friend is so lucky to have you!
    Your Owl softie is a true work of art!!

  4. Your fabric sculptures are amazing! Love the raggedy edges and those wire feet turned out so cool! The party looks fabulous! I bet you girls have so much fun together!

  5. That looks like a very fun party, and how nice that she has friends as wonderful as you!
    Your owl is amazing – I love his rugged good looks! Hoping you make some more of these for the fall shop – hint, hint!!

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