New Additions to the Summer Shop

Happy Wednesday!

My friends, I owe you all such a huge thank you! Opening week of my new AudOnes Prims Summer Shop has been a huge success, and that is all because of YOU!

AudOnesPrims Pirates
It’s been an amazing week. And the shop is a little empty. So today I have a few new additions to add, and of course I wanted to share them here with all of you. There’s more art dolls, and some patriotic Americana, too. All special one-of-a-kinds. Starting with a couple of silly pirate monster dolls. I hope you enjoy!

AudOnesPrims FrancisPirate
I have such a soft spot for the little monsters. These guys are ready for some adventures at sea.

AudOnesPrims 4StarPillowTuck

And if you like a bit of the red, white, and blue in your summer decor, I have a couple of new pillow tucks for you.

AudOnesPrims ButtonStarPillow

These new goodies are now available in my shop. Thank you, friends! Hope you have a wonderful day!

10 thoughts on “New Additions to the Summer Shop

  1. I’m laughing out loud all by myself!
    YOur pirate monsters crack me up Audrey!
    Fantastic softies!
    You are one talented and creative Artist I tell you!!

  2. Those pirates are totally amazing! They will look fabulous on every boy’s room. And that cushion is amazing too! Just love it!

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