Warm Winter Wishes, & a Little SALE, too

Hello, Friends! Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I was looking at my calendar this weekend, and was a bit surprised to see that this is the last full week of February already. And that’s when it hit me. It’s time to take down the snowmen. Winter is officially over in my house as of now.

It’s time for spring and flowers and bunnies and such. But before I pack everything away, I thought I’d share a bit of my winter home with you. And some news from my AudOnes Prims Winter Shop, too.

So you all know by now that I can’t hardly let a season or holiday pass without doing a bit of decorating. It keeps things cheerful and fun, and changes up the look of my decor without having to invest in big pieces.

I hope you enjoy this quick peek at a few of my favorite winter things…

Lots and lots of snowmen. Ice and crystals and glitter.

Kids artwork, that I absolutely adore. Pete painted this happy winter scene in third grade. That’s me and him sledding down the hill outside our house, with our dog, Coti, watching on the sideline.

A silver and gold winter woodland in my sunroom…


And my favorite winter transferware dressing up my dining room.

My sweet mom arranged my antique sideboard for me before she left in January. Didn’t she do an amazing job?




Tucked throughout the sideboard are lots of our handmade snowmen. Paper, clay, cottonball, and fabric snowmen, made by me and my little Missy Nik over the years. The dishes are a variety of snow scenes from Johnson Brothers, Friendly Village collection.

As much as I love snowmen, they’ve got to go…….

Which leads me to this last bit of news.

AudOnes Prims Winter Shop Clearance SALE!!

AudOnes Winter2016ShopSale
We’re down to the last few days of my Winter Shop, and there are still a few snowmen that need a good home. So these last few guys have been marked down and reduced to clear. All remaining snowmen are now 30% off!

So if you’ve got any snowmen lovers at your house, or are looking to stock up on some great deals on holiday gifts for next year, now is your chance! Click here to shop now!


11 thoughts on “Warm Winter Wishes, & a Little SALE, too

  1. Oh Audrey, beautiful, as always! I love those dishes on your buffet and your son’s artwork of the sledding scene captured my heart. So sweet that you framed that and use it in your decor. I love that. I just took down the winter art in my classroom today. Looks like we may get a big snow Wednesday or Thursday. I am ready for Spring!

  2. It’s always lovely to see how time, effort and creativity you ar eputtin in decorating your house. I had so much fun looking and reading this post. I especially love the drawing of your son and that amazing collection of transferware ( 0r do you call them dishes or plates? ) from the Johnson Brothers. Gorgeous!
    Lovely tour Audrey!

  3. I just love how much time and care you take to decorate your home for each season. It must be so warm and cosy there. 🙂

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