Holiday Shop Update

Happy Wednesday! I’ve got some new additions for my Holiday Shop today, and thought I would share them here with you.

AudOnes SnowmanFlaties

I am such a sucker for snowmen. Love them throughout the holidays, and all winter long, too. So today I have lots of silly snowmen to share, starting with this lot here…. a big ol’ batch of prim “flatie” snowmen ornaments.

AudOnes SnowmanFlaties2
I’m laughing a bit over these guys because they were quite the experiment. I wanted them to be very rustic and very….. well, stiff. Stiff as a board, to be precise. So I stitched them up and then I doused them with starch. And coffee. And cinnamon. And then I baked the heck out of them. Yes, I literally baked them. And trust me… they are quite stiff! hahaHA

AudOnes SnowmanFlaties3
And my oven smells really good now, too!

AudOnes CandyStripeSnowman2
Then there’s this guy. A bigger, one-of-a-kind snowman that’s quite near and dear to my heart. He’s all dressed up in his winter flannels with hat and scarf and he’s ready to make the cold, long trek to your house.

AudOnes CandyStripeSnowman3
I had fun with this guy. Used some of my favorite vintage buttons on him, and hand-stitched and hand-painted the face. I made a shabby sweet bundle of candy canes for him to hold, too, tied up with pretty glittered leaves and berries.

AudOnes CandyStripeSnowman4I found some fun crochet trim that I used for his scarf. And I made a matching pom pom for the top of his hat. And I even hand-carved his nose from a branch. My first time whittling! πŸ˜‰

AudOnes CandyStripeSnowman5
These are available now in my shop, along with more details and information. I hope you enjoy! And thanks so much for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “Holiday Shop Update

  1. Your snowmen are too cute! I put up my Christmas tree last week, and your sweet snowman is proudly displayed. I haven’t even started this year’s cards and ornaments – I feel like I’m so far behind already!

  2. Oh Audrey!
    I knew how creative you were but you still surprise me with your adorable “baked” snowmen!
    Thanks for making me chuckle tonight. I needed that πŸ˜‰

  3. More little works of art! Cute little snowmen! Love their mouths!! And you baked them! LOL! Love the bigger snowman – hes’s so beautifully decorated with his arms full of festive goodness!

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