2015 Halloween Haunted House Tour Finale

2015-halloween-haunted-houseHappy Friday, Friends! Today is the final stop along my 2015 Halloween Haunted House Tour.
Let’s finish things up with my spooky haunted dining room.

The antique walnut sideboard in my dining room is another spot in my house that gets decked out for all the different holidays and seasons throughout the year. I love my sideboard dressed in old ironstone china as the backbone of my displays, and then I layer in vintage transferware to fit the season. Of course for Halloween, I pull out the black pieces.

The shelves and marble top give me lots of room for extra seasonal additions, too.

P1090887I love old things. Vintage, antique, rusty junk, primitive, or heirloom… they are all welcome here. I am a sucker for the history of these things. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a deep appreciation for such things from the past. My sideboard dates back to the 1860’s. Many of my dishes are 50-100 years old. There are family pieces here, too. Those I treasure the most.

An old funky junk metal kitchen scale, with my Missy Nik’s hand-painted ceramic skulls peeking out. I have quite a few skulls and bones on the sideboard this year. They always go so well on the menu.

The sideboard is also home to most of my beloved Lori Mitchell Halloween figures this year.


The green wooden box belonged to my grandmother and housed some of her buttons and sewing supplies, which I still own. There’s some old family silver here, too. And spiders of course.

A closer look at the details.






Bobby Bonz is a new guy. A handcrafted clay piece by my very talented friend, Paige. A party favor from her Halloween luncheon. I’m a very lucky girl.


That’s it, my friends! I do so hope you’ve enjoyed the tour!


And P.S.

AudOnes FallShopFinale
Last chance to pick up one of these final remaining fall prims in my shop! The doors close for the last time on Sunday, so don’t miss out!

16 thoughts on “2015 Halloween Haunted House Tour Finale

  1. Beautiful decor Audrey! Love all your fun figurines! They are precious!!! I always enjoy your Halloween decor posts of your lovely home!

  2. Beautiful piece of furniture. Love it when a well loved piece can also be decorated with your favorites. Loved the tour this year. You have collected so many great things for the holidays but it never looks thrown together. It all blends so well. That’s a true talent.

  3. Your house seriously looks like a Halloween museum. It looks so amazing! I just love all the gorgeous decoration that you made.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Even though my blood is running cold after seeing all the many spiders on display as I sit typing this, I will concentrate on the other wonderful things on the sideboard. Those figurines are so adorable! Love the big pumpkin on the table and the figurine Paige made. Happy Halloween!

  5. Oh phooey the tour is at the end. 😦 Love the new additions, especially Paiges cool Bobby Bonz. There nothing more special than family heirlooms to decorate with. Thanks for the awesome tour Audrey!

  6. Love love love! those beautiful plates!!! Your sideboard looks spectre-spectacular!!
    gorgeous tin pumpkin.. oh, sooooo many wonderful details – especially the hand-mades… cant beat them!!

  7. I hope you had a super Halloween my Friend!
    I want to thank you for being so generous in sharing your home decor with us!
    YOu are a truly inspiration!

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