Halloween Haunted House Tour, Cont.

2015-halloween-haunted-houseHappy Wednesday friends!  I am back today with more of my 2015 Halloween Haunted House Tour. We started the tour in my haunted front entryway, and last week I shared my living room. So now, let’s turn the corner and step into my spooky sunroom.

The sunroom is my favorite room in the house because it’s filled with windows and sunlight and views out to the woods behind. This door to the back deck is the crossover between the living room and sunroom, and here I’ve hung my big Halloween wreath. The feather base is a knock-off Pottery Barn wreath I made years ago, and later I topped it with this adorable kitty cat/pumpkin wreath. And now this piece is truly a one-of-a-kind.

Here is the top of my antique butler’s chest. A great spot for another spooky scene.

There’s lots of vintage-y folk art pieces here. Black cats and pumpkins. And a pair of Halloween trees.

A purple tinsel tree, strung with Halloween lights and filled with fall berries. Kitty cat and pumpkin tinsel ornaments, too.

A black wire miniature tree and large wooden lantern. The black gazing ball is a ceramic piece my little Missy made in art class this past year.


A couple of handmade zombies, from the Missy and me.

More baskets and containers filled with lots and lots of Halloween treats.


P1090730 This big wire basket is a vintage laundry tote. Folks used to fill this with their wet clothes and roll it out to the line. For me, it’s a great receptacle for linens and blankets, and of course my Halloween friends. The ghost and the spider in back were both made by my Missy Nik when she was in preschool. These are the things that just melt my heart.


P1090732The big paper jack is also hers, made back in an art class when she was two. I do keep it all.  These things are my true treasures.


P1090734Nik and I painted the lighted jack o-lantern together at one of those pottery studios when she was three. We call this guy Big Jack. Do you see the tiny kleenex ghosts hanging in the tree? Yes, from my little Miss.

P1090735Another Halloween tree, filled with sweet feltie ornaments.



P1090739And the PB knock-off beaded sticks my mom and I made years and years ago. Boy how I cursed that project at the time, but they sure have lasted remarkably well… and each year they are still around is a bonus to me.

More spiders for Patty! There ya go, Hun!


Some of my beloved Lori Mitchell figures, and my own handmade paper mache pumpkin who does, in all honesty, give me a small case of the creeps. Now that guy is scary.

We’ll end the tour here with this one last scene. A vintage basket hung on my basement door, filled with Halloween florals and handmade spooks and a greeting card skeleton my mom sent to me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour so far! We’ve got one last stop to make, which I’ll share next week. Just in time for Halloween! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


16 thoughts on “Halloween Haunted House Tour, Cont.

  1. You are so gifted! Your decorating talents are equal to your crafting talents and that is saying alot my friend! I think I would love to sit in that sunroom and just soak it all in. The feather wreath is super cool but my fave is the purple tinsel tree. The art class project “jack” is precious. Thanks for reminding me about that project. I haven’t done it in years and I might have to bring it back. Love that you treasure your children’s artwork and display it proudly in your home. Love it all.

  2. Even with all those ghosts and ghouls, your house is still so bright and cheery! Your kid had more talent at 2 than it takes most people a lifetime to achieve! Way to go Pettits!

  3. I can hardly stop scrolling through the photos of your gorgeous Halloween decoration. Everything looks so beautiful. It’s hard to believe that you made so many beautiful things yourself 🙂

  4. I always enjoy your spooky Halloween tour, Audrey! Lots of wonderful Halloween treasures! Awesome tree with the felt ornaments! And, I can’t help but smile at the paper mache pumpkin…creepy…but on so fun! Thanks so much for sharing!:-)

  5. I can see why this room in your favorite, Audrey! It is filled with so many delightful things (minus the spiders)! I love that mouse (is it?) pushing the wheelbarrow. Always so much fun to visit your Halloween house!

  6. Audrey, I just love seeing how you decorate. You have some spectacular treasures, love the ones from your daughter. I have been trying to find a favorite thing, but every picture I find another one! Love the big wreath, the trees, pumpkins, fabulous handmade ornaments all of it. And I really love the cat with his tail making an angle over his head. (next to big paper pumpkin) So cute!

  7. I agree with Lynn, not only are you gifted but you are a gift!!
    Fabulous job! Thank you so much for the tour.
    I cannot imagine what it must be like at night time!
    I would NOT get up from bed for a glass of milk at your house ;o)

  8. You should really be doing visual displays at the retail store. They would sell out their merchandise in no time at all. Seriously. I LOVE your Halloween trees and those handmade toys are awesome! I would LOVE to see this in person! 🙂

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