Mimsie the Mummy’s Makeover

Hello my friends! I’m sneaking back in today with another AudOnes Prims Halloween share. I know I said I was done, but you all know how that goes. 😀 Technically though, this isn’t something new. Rather, it’s a re-do. Mimsie the Mummy has had a makeover. Check her out now!

AudOnes MimsieMummy
I really have moved on to working on my upcoming holiday shop. But in cleaning up my studio, I came across one more little Mimsie the Mummy, all cut out and pieced, just waiting on my work table to be sewn. Of course it didn’t take much convincing on my part to go ahead and finish her up. It seems a shame to let those pieces go to waste, after all. And I need a Mimsie the Mummy for myself, don’t I? You bet I do!

AudOnes MimsieMummy2
And as these things go…. one thing led to another, and suddenly Mimsie has had a total transformation. Both mine, and perhaps one for you? She’s up for grabs in my shop, and if you like her hurry over, because she’s the last of her kind!
Have a wonderful day!

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