AudOnes Prims- Miss Meow

Happy Wednesday, Friends! Today I have a new AudOnes Prims cutie to share with you.  One last Halloween dolly for all you Halloween lovers, like me. As much as I adore this season, it’s time for this little elf to get busy behind the scenes. I have many sweets and dollies to craft up to fill my new Holiday Shop opening in just a few short weeks. I can’t wait to share with you what’s in store. But for now, I hope you enjoy one last Halloween treat.

AudOnes MissMeow
Halloween needs a black cat, right? This is Miss Meow, and you had better keep your eye on her…. because Miss Meow likes tricks. Or at least, that’s what her corsage tag says, anyway.

AudOnes MissMeow3
For now this one-of-a-kind art doll is hanging out with me. But you can find her, along with more details, in my shop.

AudOnes MissMeow2
Thanks for stopping by everyone! I’ll be back with more Halloween Haunted House Tour next time. Hope you have a wonderful day!

17 thoughts on “AudOnes Prims- Miss Meow

  1. Hello Audrey!
    Miss Meow is adorable and oh “so fashion” with her rosette!
    You really know how to give them a personality!
    Love that 😉
    Thank You~

  2. Miss Meow is a cutie and I lOVE how you dressed her up! It wouldn’t surpise me if your shop is almost sold out. You made the most amazing fall decorations!

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