AudOnes Prims Fall Shop- New Additions

AudOnes Bat Sneak
Just a sneak peek of the fun to come! It’s almost time, my friends! Time to start my 2015 Halloween Haunted House Tour!

2015-halloween-haunted-houseAnd in anticipation of this most special event, I have added a couple of new spooks to my AudOnes Prims Fall Shop today, including one of my most favorite guys of all. You know, just in case you need to add to your own haunted homes.

AudOnes PrimHangingBat
Tour starts Friday. I hope you will come for a visit! And be sure to check out the new goods in my Fall Shop today! There’s something for you Halloween lovers, and something for those of you who prefer a harvest theme, too. I hope you enjoy! And I can’t wait to see you on Friday!

14 thoughts on “AudOnes Prims Fall Shop- New Additions

  1. I just want a little bit of your energy! I can’t wait to see your house, you always have the best! LOVE,LOVE the bat!! He’s adorable!!

  2. ooooh!!!!! I SOOOO LOVE THIS! I want one!!! Sigh, just too far away and Halloween is so soon!
    Look at its cute little mismatched button eyes and darling wings…. love the grunge fabric!

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