Beach Week- The Adventure Begins with BasicGrey

It’s Friday already, and that means it’s time to wrap up my theme beach week here on the blog. Today I’ve got a bit of a mash-up of projects to share with you. First up, another card made with BasicGrey’s summer nautical collection, Adrift.

audreypettit BG Adrift AdventureCardI love this bright color palette of orange and blue. Those were my son’s very favorite colors growing up, and just that makes this simple card design stir something deep in this ol’ momma’s heart. Pretty Adrift patterned papers. Chipboard, die cut, vellum tape, and transparency. I added white paint to the back of the starfish, so they would really shine. A bit of stitching, and a natural rope tie, too.

AudreyPettit PirateRagDoll
And now for something completely different…. how about one of my silly rag dolls? A beach-y, nautical pirate rag doll, that is. Arrrrgh, Mateys! Time to walk the plank!

AudreyPettit PirateRagDoll2
Thanks so much for stopping by, and huge thanks for all your sweet comments on my beach projects this week! I hope you’ve enjoyed theme week as much as I have! Happy weekend, my friends!


15 thoughts on “Beach Week- The Adventure Begins with BasicGrey

  1. Love your nautical card! And, when I saw your pirate rag doll, I nearly fell off my chair….WOW…I LOVE it!!! Love the ruffles, peg leg, eye, buttons, and cap…whew! If I were a pirate, I’d sail over at steal it…LOL!:-) Have a great weekend!:-)

  2. Love those colors too Audrey! And I’m a sucker for anchors as well. That knot, a top yours, finishes the card off perfectly. Your doll just made me smile!!! How fun.

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