A Few Good Things with BasicGrey


AudreyPettit BG TeaGarden GoodThingsSetOne of my favorite things to give my mom for Mother’s Day is a set of handmade cards. She loves pretty cards, and loves to mail them out for every occasion, and since she doesn’t make any herself, she always appreciates getting some of mine.

AudreyPettit BG TeaGarden GoodThingsSet2For a special event like Mother’s Day, I wanted to make sure to create a special packaging to present my gift in. This card folio is perfect for holding a set of cards and envelopes, with pockets on the inside, and ties closed easily with a bit of your favorite ribbon. I created the folio with gorgeous papers from the new Tea Garden collection, which I know my mother is going to love.

AudreyPettit BG TeaGarden GoodThingsSet3Untie the ribbon, and the folio folds open to reveal two side flap pockets that fit cards on one side, and envelopes on the other. For the cards, I used the beautiful BasicGrey/Hero Arts Tea Garden stamps to create a set of soft watercolor cards with a slight vintage flair. I’ll share more details on these cards, along with all the steps and directions on a special post on National Scrapbook Day.


Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

13 thoughts on “A Few Good Things with BasicGrey

  1. Your Mom will love the gorgeous folio you created, Audrey! The paper and green bow is just lovely! It’s so creative…a wonderful gift idea!:-)

  2. Oh my. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift for your mother! Such a classy timeless design. LOVE the mix of patterns and that birdie! 🙂

  3. Hi Audrey! This post is sooooo lovely. I’m inspired by your designing and putting all these elements together so beautifully. I love that bright citrus green accent. LOVE it all. You are amazing. In case no one told you that today! XOXO

  4. Your mum will love it. Your choice of patterns, colors and embellishments is so lovely to look at. I love that birdie on your card. And making a card folio filled to the brim with handmade gems from your daughter is a unique and precious gift. It will be hard for your mum to send these:). Wow!

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