December 25 Tags with Sizzix

Still frantically trying to get myself ready for Christmas, and feeling like I’m getting nowhere fast. It’s like life is in partial completion these days. I’ve got some of my ornaments hung on the tree, and the house is halfway decorated…. a few presents have been purchased, I’ve mailed a couple of cards… but as of yet, not one thing is actually crossed off the ol’ to-do list. Anybody with me on this?

AudreyPettit Sizzix December25TagsAlthough I’ve kinda been spinning my wheels, yesterday afternoon hit me with a new sense of motivation when I got a text from Mr. Pete saying he had finished his last exam and was on his way home for Christmas break. My boy is home, my friends! It’s time to get the lead out!

AudreyPettit Sizzix December25Tags2
Yesterday afternoon alone, I made a serious dent in my holiday tubs, and I am determined to finish them off today. Next step will be wrapping. At least I am ready with some tags. Some quick, easy, and a wee bit funky tags I made for the Sizzix blog this week featuring brand new dies from Jen Long’s adorable Me & You collection.

AudreyPettit Sizzix December25Tags3
These cute tags are made from a mixture of dies from Jen’s new release, and I love the unique, slightly eclectic look I ended up with. The base of the tags are die cut from the Fancy Base w/ Layering Shapes Thinlits die set. I think the label shape is so pretty and unique, and can be used for so many different projects. With just the simple addition of a punched hole in the top, the fancy base becomes an instant tag.

AudreyPettit Sizzix December25Tags4
I added a stamped holiday greeting down the side, then gave the tags a good whitewash of paint and a rugged hemp bow. The arrows are from the Arrows Card Front Thinlit die. Holly and numbers are from the Calendar Months Thinlits die set. And the papers are from Authentique’s Believe collection.
I’ve got more information up on the Sizzix blog, if you’d like to learn more.

So tell me, friends…. anyone else making a serious dent in their holiday to-do list yet?

20 thoughts on “December 25 Tags with Sizzix

  1. I think these are beautiful, Audrey! Love the tag shape and the way it’s decorated. While I’ve got a good bit done for the holidays, there is so much more to do. I still have a lot of cards to make, cookies to bake, finishing decorating the inside of the house… plus, I’m spending a couple of days in Cape May for their Victorian Christmas. Stressing a little!

  2. Gorgeous tags! Love the holly and hemp. I’m completely in touch with the nowhere fast feeling! I’ve got a lot of things half done, but nothing ready to check off. Send some motivation my way! πŸ˜„

  3. I so identify with the partly finished decorating etc! I did manage to put the rest of the ornaments on the tree last night and get the bins put away by 10pm! My son drew our Christmas card front so now I just have to get the cards made and mailed! Ha ha! No small task! But it helps to play Christmas music while I am busy! Enjoy my dear! πŸ™‚ Jill

  4. CUTE tags, Audrey! I’m with you on the Christmas preparations. I have some baking, card sending, some shopping done. But, I do have the decorating done. There’s lots to do this time of year! Anyways, so happy to hear that your Pete will be home soon! Wishing you and family a blessed Merry Christmas!:-)

  5. Cute tags, Audrey! We have our tree up and decorated and most of our gifts bought. Still so much left to do yet – cards and baking. I keep telling myself there’s still time but it’s sliding by so fast! Hang in there. Happy Holidays to you and yours….

  6. Don’t worry Audrey, it’ll all be done, one way or another ;o)
    I love your tags and the way you have managed to mix rather modern elements (the arrows) with a more “classic” combo (leaves, twine…) the distressing is absolutely astonishing as well!
    How inspiring!!
    Thank You~

  7. Oh, these are so pretty!
    I haven’t made a huge dent in my to-do list for Christmas….. I have finished my shopping and have wrapped my gifts with homemade tags (Yay!) I still need to make my Secret Santa gift (& wrap it), make 120 photo cards (and mail/hand them out) and make 13 ornaments/place cards for our meal with my in-laws on the 27th. And, I’ve been working more than usual lately, which is great financially, but is really cutting into my crafting time…. πŸ˜‰

  8. Your ahead of me lol! I have 2 resents bought and the tree partially up..I was down this week sick and that really set me back! I’m NOT going to stress about it though πŸ™‚

    I LOVE the eclectic feel to these. Love the pop that the poinsettia adds, so fun! I’m so happy your Pete is coming home yay!!!!!!

  9. I know what you mean; a bit of everything but nothing finished so yes…My to do list is not getting shorter; it’s halfway πŸ™‚
    Your tags are so lovely; I love the mix of a vintage, also a bit altered and modern look/. And the holly and hemp cord are fab details!
    Good to have your son home. I know exactly how it feels to have your son home, Mine are home for Christmas too. Our youngest is leaving in January for Liverpool. For 6 months…..

  10. Love, love these tags. They make me feel good just to see them. So, Mr. Pete got you going, huh?
    Can’t let that boy come home to a half decorated house. He’ll wonder what has become of his oh so special, holiday loving mom. lol You will get it all done and it will all be as beautiful as these tags.

  11. Love the look of these tags. The burlap string bows with the tiny holly accents are the perfect embellishment. I just finished my last workshop for the year so I am just beginning to decorate. Anxious to get that done. Enjoy your son while he’s home!

  12. So gorgeous! I love love love the holly and the arrows!!! And I see we still have our ‘friend’ still stalking our blogs – I keep seeing his profile pic on your blog … and he has left me 2 comments this week 😦

  13. These are fabulous tags Audrey! Really love the combination of elements on them!
    Slow down and breathe my friend…you still have time….and enjoy the process!

  14. These are gorgeous Audrey!! Love the little arrows, its like they are kind of pointing to the 25th and how fast it’s approaching! I’ve completed far less than you.. no… nothing… not even the tree!! Hope to rectify that tomorrow – maybe finally make a start.

  15. Dent! I’ve barely scratched the surface. 😦 I did get the tree out today, but it’s not decorated. My tubs are still full. LOL Love your tags. The design is fun and funky and so you! Enjoy your boy. πŸ™‚ Hugs!

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