2014 Halloween Haunted House Tour

2014 Halloween Haunted HouseHello Friends and happy Friday to all of you! It’s time today to continue on with my Halloween Haunted House tour. Let’s take a peek into my haunted sun room.


My little sun room is probably my favorite spot in the house. It’s surrounded by windows and light, and tucked into the back corner of my house, it’s nice and private and cozy. I particularly love it in here now that it’s all decked out for the holiday. It’s a great spot to sit curled up with a blanket and a book.

I’ve been collecting Halloween for years, and I know some of you have been touring with me for years, so many of these things may be old friends to you now. The skull lantern is new… the larger of my Pottery Barn clearance score from last year. The mummy is one of my craft guys. Bendable wire wrapped in strips of torn fabric.

This bureau is an antique butler’s chest, and is my favorite piece in the room. Great spot to display a whole bunch of Halloween goodies!




The ghost is one of this year’s weekly crafty play day creations. The base is paper mache, painted and draped in cheesecloth.

The purple tinsel tree is new, too, and an absolute steal at only $5 from the thrift store.


This rolly basket is an antique laundry cart, meant to haul wet laundry out to the clothesline. I’ve filled it with vintage linens and pillows, then stuffed with lots of Halloween stuffies.

Mr. Ghoul is another craft project the girls and I made at our weekly crafty play dates.

The paper bag pumpkin was made by my wee Missy Nik when she was just two years old. She painted the ceramic jack to the right of it for me years ago, too. Good grief, but these things are just beyond priceless to me.

Some of my paper crafts of the past.


Lots of Lori Mitchell figures and Nik’s old tissue ghosts.

My reading nook, nestled amongst the ghosties.


Tub O’ Jacks.


And a black tree filled with felties.

Nik and my ceramic studio friends, Big Jack and Little Jack. You can sure see the difference in our painting skills over the years. 🙂

The back of my basement door and a spooky paper skelly. And finally, a peek at my table for yesterday’s annual Halloween luncheon with the girls.




And with that, we come to a good place to stop for the day. Thank goodness, right? Good thing there’s only one week left until Halloween! Then we can move on and I can bombard you with Thanksgiving and Christmas! (insert evil laughter)

17 thoughts on “2014 Halloween Haunted House Tour

  1. Woohooo! The time has arrived to enjoy all those fangtastic Halloween decorations…hehehe! And, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, Audrey!!! I especially admired Mr. Ghoul, paper bag pumpkin from Missy Nik, purple tinsel tree, paper mache ghost, little mummy, and the skull lantern! Whew…I should have said I loved all the Halloween goodies on this wonderful tour! Thanks so much for sharing! Take care and have a super fun Halloween, hugs!:-)

  2. Alway always looks amazing! I just wonder how you store all your items! 🙂 Your sun room sounds perfectly divine! You always have such beautiful touches and great attention to detail!

  3. I am green with envy! I am hanging my head in shame as I don’t have a single Halloween anything up in my house…..ands you know how much I LOVE Halloween! I just haven’t had the time. Maybe this weekend 🙂 I really love that big square pumpkin and your tree, fabulous decorating!!

  4. Fabulous room. I always love the way you decorate. Love, love the pumpkin in the first photo. And that purple tree, so cool. It’s wonderful that so many of your things are great memories.

  5. Oh my gosh, Audrey! So much to love in this room–I would never want to leave! Love that purple tree, Mr. Ghoul, and that absolutely adorable ghost/witch you made. The table looks beautiful. Now, what did you serve for lunch?

  6. Spooktacular! Love that basket, on the door, with the spooky leaves. The paper bag pumpkin, created by your DD, is precious. Thanks for reminding me about that project. I have not done that for a few years and will havae to revisit that. Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  7. BHG should interview you and put your house in their next magazine. You are wonderful when it comes to interior decorating; I wish I could attend a workshop from you…. Your ideas are wonderful and you have such a perfect eye for details. I had so much fun looking and reading this post.

  8. *GASP* oooh!! I’m late turning up… but oh my gosh!!!! Where do I start!!! I want your table setting!! How spesh is that table runner… and your creativeness with whats placed there! how cute is your lit ceramic pumpkin!!! I WANT ONE! And that little crate of handmade characters… the paper bag punkin… what a treasure!!! LOVE! ANd the spiderweb eyes… and… and…. and….. and……….
    I want to come and play! (whine)
    Inspired – am doing up my dining room (the only amount of ‘stuff” to do one room) and having vistors Friday night for drinks and nibbles….
    cant wait!! This is all your fault! LOL!

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