2014 Halloween Haunted House Tour

2014 Halloween Haunted HouseSpooky greetings, Friends! Today is the day. Time to begin my 2014 Halloween Haunted House Tour. Here you will find all things spooktacular as I unveil just the start of things to come this holiday season. I’ve got thrills and chills to share with you, and waaaay more photos than you would ever wish to see. So grab a cup of coffee, buckle your seat belts, and sit back. Enjoy the tour!


Today I thought I would start the tour with my front entryway table and bench, as they are the first things you see as you enter my home. I know many of you have taken a Halloween tour with me before, so I’ll mostly let the photos do the talking.  But let me know if I can answer any questions.






Many of these things you’ve probably seen once or twice before, but I do slowly add to my collection every year. This is one of my new guys, picked up on clearance after Halloween last year from Pottery Barn. I got a bigger one, too, which you will see later on the tour. I stuffed this one full of recycled packaging paper and added an antique silver fork at the base. Bon Appetit!

The wee Missy Nik’s handcrafted zombie buddy from last year, made from painted wire and an old wooden spool. The head is an acorn that was painted by my friend Joanne’s husband, Kurt. He is incredibly talented, isn’t he?

My zombie buddy. Spool and wire again, but made this guy’s head from Sculpey clay.


The ghost is made from simple recycled cardstock, hand cut, textured with a bit of tissue paper, and painted. So cheap and easy. Another craft project from years gone by.

Nik’s handmade fabric bat and a plastic skeleton from an old Scholastic learning kit. Nothing is safe from me. And another amazing Pottery Barn clearance item, the ceramic skull vase.



Dollar Store creepy cloth over the banister. I made the wreath several years ago as a knock-off Pottery Barn design. It’s an old dress-up black feather boa pinned to a craft store wreath form, topped with a cute felt pumpkin and cat head wreath my mom found at a yard sale.


Do you see those amazing zombie head ornaments? More hand-painted acorns from my friend, Kurt.






Happy Hauntings to you, my friends! We’ll pick up the tour again another day. Thanks so much for stopping by, and wishing you all a very wonderful weekend!

25 thoughts on “2014 Halloween Haunted House Tour

  1. Oh my goodness, Audrey! You are incredible! Love that furry owl and the skull vase. I thought the zombie buddies were those figurines you collect–love them, so cute. Well, you’ve given us a tease to see the rest of the tour. I can’t wait!

  2. Ohhhh goodie wouldn’t miss this for the world!!! Love those zombie buddies you guys created, the acorn heads are the bomb and that pottery barn skull base what a find!!! The draped cloth rocks, just WOW!!!!

  3. My favorite blog to visit this time of year!! Always love seeing your beautiful house and decorations!! Love the entryway table with the Owl and the shabby wood skeleton is so cute!!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh, how you brought a big smile to my face this morn, Audrey! I was truly looking forward to it! Wow! all the Halloween goodies are amazing! The skull stuffed with packaging paper, skull vase, feathered owl, and zombie buddies really caught my eye…love them!!! But, all is truly a sight to see with your Halloween tour…thank you…thank you!!!

    • Akk, I SO wish I could make those cute trees, Gayle, but I didn’t. I found those several years ago at one of my favorite local boutiques. The one and only time I’ve ever seen such things…
      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Oh Audrey, your house is so beautiful and the decorations AMAZING! Love the cute painted acorns:) Your house should be featured in ‘Better Homes and Gardens’. Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh boy was that fun! The owl, bottle brush trees and that creepy skull vase really caught my eye. You have so many cool things. I really like that your stuff is handmade or that it doesn’t have the cheap and tacky look. LOL Everything is unique and totally cool! Thanks for the tour! Hugs!

  7. My oh my Audrey i tmust have been quite a job to decorate your house but it sure is worth the effort! I can see that you spend a lot of time and effort and your house is gorgeous!

  8. oooh Audrey, I’ve been waiting for so long to see this! You are my inspiration! We are doing it sad here at the moment but…… this has given me a smile on my face. I’ve even bought a carving pumpkin for my very first carving! I so love everything single detail and spend ages look at each spooky presentation. My absolute fave is the black owl….oooh he is cool!

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