Simple Pleasures with BasicGrey

Hi Sweeties! Happy Friday! Today is the day. We are moving Pete back into the dorm this afternoon. Good thing is, he seems ready…….bad thing is, I’m not. Even though it’s been a nice, long summer, it’s still hard to let go.

AudreyPettit BG Herbs&Honey SimplePleasuresCard- High Res

But even though today is a bit hard on this ol’ momma, I’m super excited for all that is in store for my boy this year. The college life is a good life. And this year should be even better than the last. He knows the routine this year. Knows the campus. Has good buddies to go back to. Has a bigger dorm room, with space even for a couch. Simple pleasures. Today I am focusing on those simple pleasures.

AudreyPettit BG Herbs&Honey SimplePleasuresCard3

Today, then, seems a perfect day to share this card I made quite some time ago. It’s one of my BasicGrey CHA projects, made with the adorable Herbs&Honey collection. I just love that transparency plant pick, and the wee tiny bottle cap charm. Simple things that make me smile.

AudreyPettit BG Herbs&Honey SimplePleasuresCard2

Just what I needed on a day like today!
Thanks so much for stopping by, my friends! Wishing you all a very wonderful weekend!


18 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures with BasicGrey

  1. Beautiful card Audrey! What a great sentiment and mantra to follow! Hoping Mr. Pete’s move in goes smoothly, and you are able to leave campus without causing a “missing you already” Mom scene! 🙂

  2. Good luck Momma! I know it doesn’t get easier! Exciting times for him though!

    Your card is sweet! Love the focal image and the green! Beautiful!

    Enjoy your time!

  3. A very pretty card! Love the wee bottle cap and bright colors! Hope your son has a wonderful year! My niece is a senior this year! It goes by so fast! My lil one will be in 4th grade! 🙂

  4. What a bright, happy card! Love that cute little bottle cap. Hang in there, Audrey. I know it’s not the same, but Pete will be back home for the holidays before you know it. Time does seem to have a way of going by too fast at times. Try to have a good weekend!

  5. Love all the beautiful color on this card, Audrey! Sweet elements with pick and cap. And, the stain bow is fab! Yes, we miss our kids no matter what age they are. They grow up way too fast! I hope the time passes quickly for you and that your son is back home soon for the holidays! Take care, hugs!:-)

  6. So pretty!
    I know how hard to have our kids back with us and then send them back to college again, well, I had my little one for less than a week and then she had to go to Singapore for her internship, now I am longing for her return end of the month, sigh…..

  7. I know when Kara started back to school this summer and took a lighter schedule at work I really enjoyed having her around more so I can imagine it’s much harder with Pete gone a majority of the time. Hang in there kiddo. The card is amazing. That tiny bottle cap caught my attention right away. How cute is that thing! Always praying for you. Hugs!

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