Worktable WIPs

Hi Sweeties, and happy Friday to you! Do you all remember this little guy?

AudreyPettit WIP clay bunnyMy poor, broken, patched up mess of a clay bunny? I told you all I would keep you updated on his progress, and I’m happy to report that he is now finished. Truthfully, he is still as much of a hot mess in his final state, as he was in his work-in-progress state.  But he’s been a good learning experience for me with a medium I’ve never worked with before. If there’s one thing I’ve learned….it’s that air-dry clay can be really touchy stuff.

AudreyPettit ClayLongBunnyEven with all his flaws, though, this little guy does make me smile. Just don’t look at him too hard, or he will break.

AudreyPettit ClayLongBunny2I recently got my hands on some antiquing medium and clear-coat varnish, and I’ve been slapping those puppies on everything, like Mr. Bunny here. Also on Mr. Pumpkinhead, who is now also in his finished state.

AudreyPettit ClayPumpkinManAnd Miss Rebecca Rabbit, too. She’s also gotten a new antiqued coat and glossy finish. And I think I’ll finally leave her alone now.

AudreyPettit PaperMacheRebeccaRabbitSo just like that, several of my recent worktable works-in-progress are now completed. But of course I’ve got new projects going on the back burner. The girls and I have been playing with fabric again. This time, we made some oh-so grungy and creepy voodoo dolls.

Voodoo dollsAnd then, just to prove that we don’t always have Halloween on the brain (snicker)….we’ve started in on a new paper mache project.

paper mache pup step twoThis time around, I’ve made a serious attempt to create a base armature for my piece before beginning the paper mache process. Unlike Miss Rebecca Rabbit who was just a wad of folded up newspaper. I think I’m learning a little bit as I go. 🙂

I’ve also been working on a very secret surprise for my dear friend Joanne. This month, Joanne turns the big 5-0, and the girls and I are slipping off to the beach this weekend to celebrate. Just for one quick overnight, but I know it’s going to be a ton of fun. To commemorate the event, I’ve been putting together a little craft project for us to work on while we are there..

AudreyPettit WIP KittiesGrungy, primitive kitty cat dolls….all primed and ready to be dressed up and embellished. Totally inspired by this adorable ladies-night-out project created by Julie Collings from The Adventures of Bluegirl blog. The girls know I’ve put together a craft project, but they have no idea what. Cannot wait to see how these turn out. Of course if there’s alcohol involved…there’s no knowing what we might end up with! 😉

I’ll keep you all posted!

13 thoughts on “Worktable WIPs

  1. Well, you have been busy. All these projects shout “fun.” They really are cute. You can tell how much you love each and every one. Now I can’t wait to see the kitties. Don’t ever stop creating.

  2. You have been busy!!!! I am LOVING all of the goodies you are creating!!! I am loving your rabbit and the voo-doo dolls CRACK.ME.UP!!!! I love them!!!! Have fun with your friends at the beach this weekend!!!!!

  3. These are all so completely adorable, Audrey! You are just filled with inspiring projects! Have a wonderful getaway! Can’t wait to see how the kitties turn out. 🙂

  4. It’s amazing to me the talent that goes on in those hot little hands of yours. You have been busy, and I think they all look fabulous. Can’t wait to see the kitties!

  5. So cute! My fav is Mr. Pumpkind hear because Halloween is always my fav 🙂 But you look like you’ve been havinf a great time learning a new medium!! Awesome creations!

  6. I think Mr.Bunny’s cracks and flaws make him look extra fabulous. Who wants bright and shine when you can have something that looks well worn and loved. 🙂 All your projects look great. The voodoo dolls are crazy fun and I can’t wait to see the kitty cat dolls. Hugs!

  7. Oh!!!!! I wanna sit at your house and craft with you!!! You do THE best ‘stuff’!!!!
    Love the bunny- such big ears and wonderful crackle. Mr Pumpkind…weeeell he’s adorable… and Miss Rebecca… she’s so wonderfully ‘homely’ and welcoming… LOL with your voodoo dolls…love there ONE eye! Cant wait to see how puppy turns out and those kittycat dolls….. how creative can you be with those!!!! sigh… love it all!

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