Work Table Works in Progress

Hi Sweeties! It’s a quiet day here on my blog, so I thought I would pop in and share a few different types of projects I’ve had on my work table these past couple of weeks. I don’t know about you guys, but seems I can’t go more than a day or so without getting into something crafty. Right now I’ve got projects spilling out of my scrap room, and covering almost every surface in my house. It’s a total mess, but a creative happy mess. I’ve been experimenting with some new mediums, and playing with some old favorites, too. Thought maybe you’d enjoy taking a peek at some of my random works in progress.

First, an old favorite. I’ve been making bunnies again…

AudreyPettit RagDollBunny Pair2

Two new sweet little bunnies who are on their way to two very special bloggy buddies, via custom order. Still blushing to think anyone would want to buy one of my silly dolls, but thank you so much for asking, Patty and Maria! I hope you enjoy your new funny bunnies!

AudreyPettit RagDollBunny PairA few of my favorite fabric scraps, and a special request color combo of blue, green, and rose for my sweet friend, Patty.  I used vintage ric-rac from my grandmother’s sewing kit, and experimented with a handmade felt flower bud made from various odd-sized scraps. Love how unique each little rag doll turns out. They truly take on a personality of their own.

The girls and I have been trying out some new mediums lately, too. I do love to try new things, but I have to admit they don’t always turn out so well. Take this guy, for example.

AudreyPettit WireChick2The jury is definitely still out on this wire-wrapped chick. After having much more success making a wee wire nest last spring,  I was quite taken aback by how hard it was to keep all this crazy wire in place. He is definitely funky.

AudreyPettit WireChick

I do like funky, though, so I’m giving him a chance….  One thing I know for sure. Wrapping all that wire gave me a serious case of the arthritis hands.

Do you all remember her?

P1050753She’s not too bad for one of my very first free-form paper mache creations, but I don’t know…something about her paint job has just been bugging me. Her dress felt too shiny and new, and my attempt at distressing turned out rather distressing. So she’s been back on my work table, getting a work over with staining medium and a very wet rag.

And I’m much, much happier with her now.


Another new medium the girls and I have been tackling is air-dry clay.

AudreyPettit WIP clay bunny

Although I absolutely loved the consistency of this clay, it has been extremely difficult to work with as it is super fragile. This poor little bunny has been through the ringer, so please excuse his work-in-progress appearance. I would have chunked him in the bin long ago if not for the fact that I am determined to figure out how to fix him. What started out as a rather cute little guy became a cracked, split, and broken-eared rabbit during the drying process. He’s been patched with paper slurry, only to be broken again during painting. Patched with more clay, only to break three more times. Glued. Which failed. And now finally, dipped into a concoction of white glue, water, and flour. He’s one hot mess. But I’m still curious. I’ll keep you posted.

I had much more luck with this guy, who’s survived his drying and initial paint job with only one broken bird, who is now in the bin.

AudreyPettit WIP clay pumpkinheadYou know I couldn’t resist slipping a little pumpkin dude in here, cause you all KNOW it’s always Halloween somewhere in my little head. 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in my silly crafting ventures. Tell me friends….what’s new this week on YOUR work tables?

18 thoughts on “Work Table Works in Progress

  1. Love seeing your projects, Audrey! The fabric bunnies are really cute. Amazing what you do with your scraps:)

    Right now I’m making Mother’s Day cards. Made one for my Mom and one for SIL. Can’t decide which one to give either of them as I like them both….lol. May attempt to make some cookies too if I have the time/energy to do so.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  2. So much darn cuteness here.. You are one creative gal my friend. I am attempting to make mothers day cards. I don’t have to many supplies here int the trailer. So they will be CAS cards.


  3. It’s always so much fun to visit your blog, Audrey! Love all the many artsy mediums you are trying! One of these days I’ll try something completely different also. (But don’t hold your breath! LOL!)

  4. I can’t wait to see my bunny in person–I love it! It is even more special knowing you added some ric-rac from your grandmother. I admire your creative processes. I’m rooting for the bunny that keeps breaking! And your pumpkin friend with the little birdies is so adorable! I’ve been playing it safe making cards and altered containers, but I am getting ready to attempt my very first mini album. I love them but have been intimidated to try one, but this time I’m taking the plunge! 🙂

  5. LOL Well that was a little bit of everything wasn’t it. 🙂 The bunnies are precious and I know I would never have had the patience to do that much repair work on the clay bunny. Love the rabbit revamp. Hugs to you my friend!

  6. Love your bunnies…you have the cutest ideas Audrey, every time I see your creation, I said to myself, I need to go make one for myself, well, I better get up and do it, LOL! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. What fabulous projects, Audrey! Looks like a lot of fun creative projects in your house! Those bunnies are so CUTE! And, the wired chick looks so interesting…so unique! The pumpkin guy with birds is fab…love it! I always love seeing what you are up to! 🙂

  8. Awwww…these are adorable! I didn’t know you do custom orders! Those are some lucky friends!

  9. What I love about your blog is that ther eis always aomething unique to look at. The custom made bunnies are precious. A variety of fabric and supplies and they turned out super cute. Your little “wired” friend is sweet too. I am in awe of all the things you create 🙂

  10. this is what I LOVE the most…..variety!!! I never know what I’m going to find when I come here!!! There’s always a surprise to delight the senses, and I always catch myself smiling! Take for instance – those first two bunnies!! Weeeeell, I’d buy them in an instance if I saw them in a shop! They are super gorgeous and we love bunnies here! Your little bird… weeeeeeeeeeeeell, I think its adorable all wired up with its tail feathers! It’s a proud little fellow! AND your clay experiments… bet they will turn out a treat!!! LOL at your joke about Halloween in your head! hee hee… seeeeeeee – I’m smiling!

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