Sweet 16 with Authentique

The Little Missy and I are counting the days. After today, there are just two more days of school until Spring Break begins. Glorious, wonderful Spring Break.


Of course it would be nice if it was actually spring-like for Spring Break……..but at this point, we really don’t even care. No Siree, Bob, we don’t care one little bit.

AudreyPettit-Flourish-EveryMomentMini2‘Cause the small Miss and I have big plans for Spring Break. We’re heading to the beach for a big celebration. You see Spring Break is going to be a huge event in our house this year. Over Spring Break, my wee little peanut….my baby girl…..is turning 16.

AudreyPettit-Flourish-EveryMomentMini3I’m sure it won’t be very warm at the beach right now, but we are so looking forward to just being there, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore, smelling that salty sea air. We are going to stay up till all hours, sleep in late, and dig for seashells on the seashore. Eat at all the fancy restaurants, and lounge by the pool. Missy Nik wants to hit up the aquarium, too. Yup…big plans.

AudreyPettit-Flourish-EveryMomentMini4I have a feeling I’ll end up with tons of photos of the big event. So in thinking ahead, I decided to make her a special mini album to hold all her precious birthday mementos and photos. This is Authentique’s gorgeous new collection called Flourish.


Since the big event hasn’t happened yet, it can be tricky trying to gauge exactly how many pages you might need ahead of time. That’s why I like to make my own albums from scratch, with a simple system like these binder rings. That way, you can add pages as you go, and can even go back later and add more pages if needed.


For the inner pages, I used a combination of simple 4×6 paper panels, mixed with some 4×6 pocket pages. I figured the pockets will come in handy for storing mementos, journaling tags, or even extra photos.


I inserted journaling pages, too, for writing down the stories, the events, and perhaps a random thought, or two.



I’ve been loving the look of sequins and confetti that is so popular these days, so I made some of my own using a regular office hole punch, and created pockets for the front of my pockets.

AudreyPettit-Flourish-EveryMomentMini10I love how it turned out, and best thing is, I can continue to add more pages easily later on down the road.  If you’d like to learn more, I’ve got the complete step-by-step directions up on the Authentique blog.

AudreyPettit-Flourish-EveryMomentMini11Come on, Spring Break! We are ready for ya!

23 thoughts on “Sweet 16 with Authentique

  1. This is so very pretty! I really adore it! I never have patience to put these books together, but you make it look effortlessly. The papers are gorgeous.

  2. What a cute little mini book – I’m sure it will be full of memories very soon! Enjoy the beach ~ and I know it will be a fabulous birthday celebration!

  3. I love this album, Audrey! What a perfect way to remember Nik’s 16th birthday! Sounds like a wonderful vacation for you two no matter what the weather is. Have fun!

  4. Seriously beautiful! Top of the list faves beautiful! She will love it. Enjoy every minute of your time together. With my DD off and working full-time I do not get to see her enough. Time goes by so quickly. It will be wonderful to have this memory book full of pics. Love this paper line and what you’ve done with it btw.

  5. omgosh, this album is stunning Audrey! absolutely love this collection and all you did with it!!
    A wonderful keepsake for your daughter’s special milestone! Beautiful!

  6. What a perfect, PERFECT little mini to house photos and journaling for such an important event. Fabulous papers, embellis and design… wonderful!!!

  7. What a sweet gift! She is going to love it! And I love the bits of paper confetti you added here and there!

  8. This took my breath away; I am in awe…….Love the colors of these beautiful patterned papers. Fab design for a one of a kind mini album. Wow!

  9. This is so awesome! WOW the big 1-6! What a milestone and this gorgeous album will hold all those wonderful memories just right. Hugs!

  10. Wow!! Your little album is truly stunning! The colors are just yummy and I love all of the little touches. Your “baby” girl is going to just love it. I hope that your time together at the beach is wonderful!

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