Suave Gift Card Envelopes with Authentique

These last two days have been pure spring here. Yesterday even reached a high of 78. What bliss! I tried to pack as much outside activity as I could into this little window of time, with long walks around the lake and lounging in my old camp chair in the sunshine on the back deck. Of course today we’re back to cold, gray, and rainy, but it sure was heaven while it lasted. I hope you all have had a spot of spring touch your neck of the woods, too.

AudreyPettit-Suave-DapperGiftCardEnvelopesToday, the girls and I are getting together for our weekly crafty play date. This time, we’re trying our hand at kind of a new medium for us…paper mache. I’ve got the tearing of paper and soaking in paste down pat. It’s just the building of the form underneath that is the great unknown. We are trying to make folk art bunnies, but I must admit…so far, mine looks like a bottle of salad dressing. 🙂

AudreyPettit-Suave-DapperGiftCardEnvelopes4Hopefully, my other paper crafting skills are a wee bit more recognizable. Like these fun gift card envelopes I made this week for the Authentique blog featuring their adorable new guy collection, Suave.

AudreyPettit-Suave-DapperGiftCardEnvelopes3I love giving gift cards for birthdays, holidays, and pretty much any special occasion.  But what I don’t particularly care for are the little envelopes that most gift cards come with.  They’re too plain, and quite frankly…downright boring. And who wants boring? Especially when it is so easy to create your own custom gift wrap, in very little time, with only a few basic supplies.


 Love that you can quickly change the look and theme to these by switching up the colors and papers you use. It’s so easy, and fun, too. I’ve got the complete step-by-step directions up on the Authentique blog, if you’d like to learn more.
Thanks so much for stopping by, my friends! Wishing you all a wonderful day!

20 thoughts on “Suave Gift Card Envelopes with Authentique

  1. I hope you will share the projects you created. Have FUN! These are darling and you know this girl likes her some layers. Fabulous papers I might add! :-)))

  2. Love these! Good luck with the papier-mâché! Maybe starting out with a bowl would have been easier…. 😉 I have every confidence that your bunny will be the cutest one on the block when all is said and done! 😀

  3. These are fabulous. Masculine designs are always more challenging for me. You gave some great ideas on the embellishments. Love the twine bows with brad center. The stitching adds just the right finishing touch.

  4. What?! 78! I’m at the beach as I type this in NC, and let me tell ya, if it got to 60 degrees yesterday we were lucky! It was so windy, even bundled up, I didn’t last more than a half hour on the beach! Oh well, a bad day at the beach is still a good day at the beach!! Now, on to your gift card holders: Audrey, these are so cool!! Love the different papers, and all the tiny details you’ve put into these! TFS!

  5. these are adorable Audrey!
    and I can’t wait to see your bunnies, sounds fun!
    We enjoyed some spring-preview days too, now we’re expecting freezing temps again. ugh!

  6. The packaging queen is at it again again. 🙂 They’re wonderful Audrey. I can’t wait to see you salad dressing bunny. hee hee Hugs!

  7. You’re sure you don’t want a little snow?
    we’ve got plenty here!
    I love your projects Audrey!
    so classy and that monochromatic palette is so elegant!
    Thank You~

  8. BEAUTIFUL papers on these little envelopes, Audrey… love the colors and the twine bows with the brad centers! SO pretty!!!!
    Humph… yes we had the one day spring weather and today are freezing … windy, snowing and going to 8 degrees tonight… good grief!!! But it has to end soon!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday… we are celebrating my 68th birthday! Can’t believe I’m this old, LOL!!!!!

  9. Awww…adorable gift card envelopes! Love the banners and awesome paper! Glad you are enjoying great weather! We had another snow storm here today. I ended up in the ditch on the way home from work…sigh. But, I’m OK and car is OK! Everyone around here is sooo ready for winter to end! Spring is supposed to be next week? I sure hope so…lol! Take care, hugs!

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