Matchbook Notecards with Sizzix

We are having such a lovely, leisurely start to the day here. School is closed. Mother Nature has graced us with something we don’t see too often in these parts.

photo(4)Yes…it’s just a tiny little bit of snow. Just a thin white blanket. Enough to be pretty and enough to play with, and enough to mess up the roads for the school buses leaving their lots at 4 am. Our little Southern state has only bags of salt to arm ourselves with against foul weather, not the equipment and plows of our Northern neighbors. And so we cancel school at the first tiny flake. And then we sit home and stare out the windows.

Fortunately I was able to make it out yesterday to stock up on bread.

snowtobreadindexSo we should be able to ride out the storm in relative comfort! Haha

Audrey Pettit Sizzix MatchbookNotecards

I’ve been working on my thank you cards lately. Seems I always need so many of those right after the holidays. This year, I really wanted to do something unique and special with my thank you notes to show my friends and family how much I appreciate everything they do for me. With just a few of my favorite Sizzix dies, and a fun matchbook-fold technique, I came up with some really cute little note cards that I’m excited to share with you all!

Audrey Pettit Sizzix MatchbookNotecards2

Aren’t they fun? I love the simple matchbook style fold to these, and love that they fold flat enough for mailing and stay closed until you open them without need of adhesive to hold them shut. Better yet, they are a bit different than your regular note card, and look kinda fancy, but are actually very easy to create.

Here’s my stack of note cards all closed up. But unfold the front flap, and you have a perfect little spot for notes and greetings.

Audrey Pettit Sizzix MatchbookNotecards3I am such a sucker for that sweet little snowman. Think he adds a touch of unexpected whimsy and fun.

Audrey Pettit Sizzix MatchbookNotecards4

I’ve got the complete step-by-step tutorial for creating these cards up on the Sizzix blog, if you’d like to learn more.

Audrey Pettit Sizzix MatchbookNotecards5Thanks so much for stopping by, my friends! I’ll be back tomorrow with an extra post this week, a little guest designer post for Top Dog Dies…hope to see you all again then!

19 thoughts on “Matchbook Notecards with Sizzix

  1. Hey there Audrey! We got about an inch of snow too, it’s so pretty! Your Snow to Bread index was way too funny LOL! Love your matchbox cards, what a cute idea!! You always come up with the most unique creations!
    I saw on the extended forecast we might get a little snow next week! 🙂

  2. Hello Audrey!

    It is some winter we are having.
    I heard about the cold and snow down south and thought of you.
    Lovely match book cards, filled with yummy details.
    you always think of the best use of a collection in the most original yet harmonious way!

    Thank You~

  3. Beautiful thank you cards, Audrey! Pretty blues and snowflakes! And, sweet surprise with the darling snowman and gorgeous sentiment inside! Take care and stay warm, hugs!

  4. I am such a sucker for shades of blue:) And these matchbook notecards are priceless. Had to pin this:). And your tutorial on the Sizzix blog too. Your choice of papers is brilliant. The combo of blue and neutrals is breathtaking. And your snowman is so stinkin’ cute! I really love this post. It also shows how talented you are!

  5. Oh my goodness…these are adorable, especially with that sweet little snowman. I love this idea and will be visiting the Sizzix blog for all the details. Don’t be surprised if you see some matchbook cards on my blog in the future. Thanks for the inspirations. And these colors are beautiful.

  6. Oh my gosh, Audrey! These are completely sweet and adorable! Love the blue and brown colors accented with the sparkly snowflakes and banners. Love it! And what did you do with all that bread? Up here the shelves empty of bread, milk and eggs when the word snow is mentioned. I’ve often wondered what people are making–lots of French toast? 🙂

  7. Wow wow wow!! These are just gorgeous!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the colors, the banners and the snowflakes!! And you know AZ would COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN if we even got a flake! LOL!! Since our normal temps are 110!!!! HA!!

  8. We had a “snow” day here too in Texas. We got more ice than snow! LOL It was fun to have a day off though. Love this project…especially the snowflakes.

  9. You were right about the stamps……a promotional offer, well out of date.
    As a watercolour artist, very new to stamping and card making, I am thoroughly confused by all the products on the market.
    I live in the wilds of Lincolnshire, in England, (where the weather is cold and extremely wet.) There are very few places to buy crafty things. Plenty on line, but it’s not quite the same as being able to touch. I notice that you seem to use a lot of double sided paper. Is there any one brand you would recommend ?
    I can probably find your recommendations online.

    • Hi Lorna! Sounds like you live in the most beautiful place to watercolor, but I can see where it’s probably difficult and a bit overwhelming to find good crafting supplies out there in the wilds. When I first began papercrafting, I was a stamper. At that time I used only stamps and cardstock, mostly from Stampin’Up…and I would still really recommend their products. Very good quality and lots of variety. I do love PaperTrey Ink, too, for their stamps. As far as paper goes, that gets a bit trickier because I love so many different companies. Here on my blog I use a lot of Authentique and BasicGrey papers. Little Yellow Bicycle has been a favorite in the past, although they’ve recently sold out to another company and I haven’t seen any of their new lines yet. I also really like My Mind’s Eye, Simple Stories, and Pink Paislee. As a cardmaker, I almost always use the small 6×6 paper pads. The scaled down print size is perfect for cards. Hope I’ve been able to help some. I love that you are venturing into cardmaking with your watercolor art. Have you found any good websites to get inspiration from? I know lots of stampers really enjoy the SplitCoastStampers site. They share tons of techniques and tutorials there and have an amazing gallery, too.
      Thanks for writing!

  10. Wow. These look amazing! I love that you put so much thought and love in your creations. I’m sure the recipients of these cards would feel so loved! 🙂

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