A Touch of Winter

So much of the country has experienced more than a little touch of winter this past week. Even here in the south, we’ve felt the chill with temperatures dipping down into the single digits. But while many people are buried under a few feet of snow, we’ve been lucky to just be cold.


After all the festivities of the holidays, my house has been feeling as bleak as the weather outside. It sure feels empty and bare once the tree and decorations come down. Fortunately I have a few frosty friends to cheer me up. And with temperatures this cold, they’ve  been fitting in quite nicely around here.

P1040904This little basket of buddies are all new to me this year.  I made the little guy in the middle last month, and the others were presents. I do have quite the thing for primitives. Oui?


P1040907Everyone has been so busy lately, but the girls and I did manage to get together early in December to make these fellas. Mom says their heads are all wrong. But honestly, they just make me smile.


I couldn’t decide exactly how I wanted mine to look. So I made one au naturale, with bare fabric tea dyed.


And then I made a second guy, this time painted with a crisp coat of white.


And together they are adding quite a bit of cheer to my living room mantel and hearth.


Along with a few other frosty touches.


Glittered and tinseled snowflakes. Icy blue mason jars and antique insulators. Tarnished silver and winter birds. A sweet snowy scene my boy painted way back during his early elementary days.


Happy things to set the scene.


Thanks so much for stopping by, my friends! Hope you’re managing to keep warm. And hope you all have a very wonderful weekend!

15 thoughts on “A Touch of Winter

  1. I know, I feel so thankful that the pacific northwest hasn’t been slammed with all the horrid winter weather! I love how your home looks so cozy! …and that painting…adorable! happy friday audrey!

  2. your wintery décor is beautiful. What a cute little sled; it’s darling. Where in the world did you find one so small?

    It’s been cold here as well including having an ice storm the first of the month; about 3 inches thick of ice on the roads so needless to say was stuck at home for a few days.
    Having rain and it’s to be up in the 60’s for today and into the weekend. :}
    Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love your winter decorations, Audrey, especially your prims and mason jars. Wherever do you find them? I’ve got my winter decorations out also. While most people don’t like this time of year, I love it. I find something very peaceful about it. We’ve had a nice couple of snowstorms–nothing too bad. Today, we’re dealing with freezing rain but that will stop as the temps rise. Have a great weekend? 🙂

  4. I love that you have kept with the Winter theme, too much emphasis gets put on everything being for Christmas and my feeling is it’s still winter which consists of snowflakes, snowmen and sparkles, that said my favourite small snowman got tidied away by my hubby but i still have a few subtle bits about. Happy New Year 🙂

  5. Thanks for the winter tour. The way I manage the dreariness after Christmas is to not take down the Christmas decor.
    I guess I’ll get started on it this weekend, if I have time 🙂

  6. Now this kind of frosty I can handle. The temps we just went through are not my cup of tea at all. Unfortunately, my rainy weather at the moment is coming your way so it’s probably going to be a nasty day. You just keep on creating and collecting those Prims. Love em’! Hugs!

  7. Maybe start decorating for Valentine’s Day? Hearts could send a little cheer your way. Sorry to hear that it’s been sooooo cold.

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