Merry Christmas to You

The time has come, my friends. After all the preparations and all the anticipation, the big day is here. Now it’s time to just sit back and enjoy, share in the precious moments spent with those you love most.


It’s peaceful and quiet here right now. One last blissful moment before all is said and done. Such a perfect moment to share my last holiday greetings with you, from my house to yours.


Of all the gifts I have been blessed to receive, all my good fortunes in life, I count all of YOU at the top of my list. The visits here with me, the sweet comments you leave in your passing, mean more to me than you’ll ever know. So thank you, all of you, for your gift of friendship. I hope I’ve been able to return the gift in kind.


And now, before all the paper starts ripping, the last little peek of my holiday house.



























Merry Christmas!!

18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to You

  1. Your home is just beautiful! I love your big open windows. Thanks for the tour of all your special holiday touches throughout your home. I love the Kraft (of course) wrapped packages around the tree. I appreciate your blog visits and kind comments and encouragement. Have a wonderful time with your family this holiday!

  2. Audrey, I always enjoy visiting your home. Love your unique decorating skills. I wish you the most wonderful Christmas so far and every year gets better. I really appreciate your sweet comments to me. Have a Merry Christmas with your family. See you soon.

  3. Awesome holiday display Audrey, thanks for the house tour once again!
    I am so blessed to met you on blogland too, maybe someday we will meet in real life?
    Happy Christmas and best wishes for a great New Year!

  4. Your home with all the Christmas decorations is so lovely, Audrey! I love all your beautiful Christmas trees and the pretty kraft packages with big red bows! I thank you for your awesome inspiration and sweet comments on my blog! You are so talented and very sweet and kind! May you and family have a wonderful blessed Christmas and a happy healthy New Year, hugs!

  5. Absolutely Beautiful Audrey!! Love the variety of your decorations and all the details, everything is just stunning!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy and Blessed New Year!

  6. I opened my inbox to see if you had made a final CHRISTmas post — was NOT disappointed! The tour of your festive home was delightful! Wishing you, and those whom you hold dear, the richest of God’s Blessings! ((Sending you Ho-Ho Hugs!))

  7. Just gorgeous pics Audrey!!!
    What a wonderful Christmas you’ve had! Wishing you much fun and merriment… its all over where we live, boxing day here – all relaxing and snoozing~! Very big Tasmanian hugs to you……

  8. Your home is always so warm and welcoming! Looks amazing for the holiday season! I hope you had a very Merry and memorable Christmas with your family and friends, Audrey!

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