Deck the Halls

It is that festive time of year to open the doors, and bring in some cheer. So do come in, my friends, and see, all the holiday pretties hung from bough and tree.



Welcome, friends, to my holiday home. Do come in! Feel free to roam!
















Of course there is much more to see. This is just a wee peek, for you, from me…


Happy Holidays!

19 thoughts on “Deck the Halls

  1. Gorgeous decorations Audrey!
    You have such a way with them!
    Thank You for sharing your beautiful home with us 😉

  2. oh my, what a wonderful festive welcome your friends and family will have after knocking on your door! So very very beautiful! So many details you have attended to – it will warm hearts!

  3. Oh Audrey your Holiday home tours are always such jolly good fun! Your flair for decorating never ceases to amaze me and you have such a unique style. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your well decked halls!


  4. I’d love to decorate my house like you do, except I live in a tiny townhouse, that has no storage space for said decorations! LOL! Some day….. Anyway, I always look forward to your holiday house tours. What a fabulous attention to details you have! Stunning as always! Merry Christmas!

  5. Looking at your holiday decor make me want to go hiding somewhere, I have so little done that I don’t even really feel the holiday mood, well, thanks for sharing your holiday joy with me!

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! You know I love to see your home photos. So many wonderful decorations on al those pretty trees. Love these posts so much!!! 🙂

  7. It’s just so sweet! I recognize that snowman box from last year’s magazine. You had so much fun decorating your own house, now you can come on down to TX and decorate mine!

  8. Absolutely wonderful Audrey! I look forward to your decorating posts with every season. Your house is magical and you have such a gift! One of these days I’m going to show up to see it in person! XOXO

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