November PageMaps with BasicGrey

Hope you all had a very lovely weekend, my friends! I know I did, although it was a bit bittersweet, too. I do love November, but November means I must pack away my beloved Halloween for another year…. Fortunately I have many happy Thanksgiving things to take their place, and a few crafty projects up my sleeves to keep me satisfied. I spent most of my weekend packing and unpacking and fluffing up the house with my collection of turkeys, pilgrims and Indians. And Crissy and I went on a little hunting gathering expedition for fall leaves, which are at their peak here right now. Yesterday I dipped all the leaves in wax to preserve their color. Can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been doing with them..

fall leaves

This month, the BasicGrey designers had the pleasure of creating project samples for Becky Fleck’s November PageMaps. I am a huge fan of Becky’s sketches, so it was super exciting for me to play along. I was given one of the 8.5 x 11 sketches and used it to create this page of my two favorite subjects.

AudreyPettit BG-PageMaps Proof

I absolutely cherish this tender moment I caught between my two kiddos. These two may claim to not like each other very much, and not to miss each other since Pete left for college, but I’m not fooled. I see the truth. I’ve got the proof right here.

AudreyPettit BG-PageMaps Proof2Lots of fun here mixing elements from the Carte Postale, Capture, and Persimmon collections. Carte Postale Element Stickers for the circles and Capture Photo Frames for the squares. And lots of sweet Candy Dots.

AudreyPettit BG-PageMaps Proof4

AudreyPettit BG-PageMaps Proof3

AudreyPettit BG-PageMaps Proof5

To see the sketch I used, and all of Becky’s amazing November sketches, hop on over to the PageMaps blog. And thanks so much for stopping by! Wishing you all a fabulous day!

16 thoughts on “November PageMaps with BasicGrey

  1. that’s soooooo cute Audrey… Its a perfect page to scrap about! They will giggle about it one day! Love the BG products… and fabby colours.
    Again, so envious of your Halloween/Thanksgiving fun… I’ll watch from afar…

  2. You’ve made me want to go out and collect leaves to wax. LOL Can’t wait to see what you’re making. The layout is amazing. You and Jinny Newlin inspire me so much with your ability to put all those bits and pieces of collections together in such fun creative ways. You truly captured a wonderful moment in both the photo and your layout for it. Hugs!

  3. Those leaves are wayyyyyyyyy cool!!! What a great idea!!!! And your page is awesome Audrey! I’m laughing at the journaling because that was my kids at that age lol!!!

  4. What a lovely layout Audrey!
    I love everything about it and do you know that I bought the Persimon collection thanks to you?
    I cannot wait to see what you have crafted with that wax and the pretty leaves!!

    Thank You~

  5. Your layout is so sweet and precious, Audrey! Love the photo! I have a friend who has built in shelving on a living room wall. She creates a beautiful scene for each season on a separate shelf so she can enjoy them year round. Thanks for stopping by my blog and always leaving a sweet comment. I think the old IBS has flared up again!

  6. such a precious photo of your kids, I love catching moments like this between siblings. wonderful layout!
    I’ve never dipped my leaves in wax, great idea…all my leaves are filed between pages in one of my art journals. Such beautiful colors!

  7. I’m SO glad you were able to capture that sweet moment on film! (I’m reminded how, DECADES AGO, my lil sis and I developed a special closeness when I’d return home from college on the weekends…sniff.)

    Your page is PERFECT in detail and SENTIMENT!!

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