Care Package with BasicGrey

AudreyPettit BG CartePostale CarePackEver since Pete went off to college this fall, it’s been my goal to put together some care packages for him from time to time. Just a little something to remind him of home.

AudreyPettit BG CartePostale CarePack2This fun envelope packet is a great way to package up some smaller goodies like cash, gift cards, and notes from home. I know he’s going to love it, and I love that I can easily mail his treat in just a small padded envelope.

AudreyPettit BG CartePostale CarePack3The base of this cute packaging is made from a scrap piece of chipboard to give it a bit of strength, and then covered with patterned paper and a cascading waterfall of small envelopes.

AudreyPettit BG CartePostale CarePack4It looks fancy, but really is quite simple to put together, and the project can be easily adapted to fit more, or fewer, envelopes as needed. I’ve got the complete step-by-step directions up on the BasicGrey blog, if you’d like to learn more.

AudreyPettit BG CartePostale CarePack5Oh, and one more thing…..




16 thoughts on “Care Package with BasicGrey

  1. What a great idea – beautifully packaged! I love BG Carte Postale range.. its a total ‘must-have’!!
    You’ve given me some fabby ideas for my daughter in the UK!!!!
    So inspirational!

  2. WOW!!!! Pete must get so excited every time a care package comes his way. He must surely miss you all. It looks gorgeous and what a wonderful idea!!!! Hope your Halloween was a blast!!! Love your November photo!

  3. Just being able to dig through all those pockets hunting for treasure will be half the fun. This little project is an awesome way to send goodies AND fun. Another amazing packaging idea from you Audrey. Hugs!

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